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Implementing operational excellence for improving productivity, quality, and cultural change.

Sector: Manufacturing

Industry: Power transmission devices manufacturing

Years of Engagement:  1 year

Workplace:  2 Facilities


When we got engaged, the workplace was cluttered, which led to unsafe working conditions. High customer complaints were observed.


Create a sustainable quality culture by developing lean champions and improve productivity.


Vedzen’s specially crafted “Model C”, holistic quality culture building was proposed.


We applied a focused improvement approach to creating a culture of quality through continual improvement. Work stations and shop floor was organized through 5S and visual management principles. Work safety was improved through 5S projects. Operator, Supervisor, and Managers were trained on lean techniques through Gemba base focused improvement projects. Daily work management systems and morning standup meetings were introduced to improve visibility. Losses were identifying through analyzing operational performance and focused improvement projects are defined. Cross-functional action teams were formed to solve quality issues on an urgent basis to reduce customer complaints. Created a sustainable quality culture through total employee involvement and developed lean champions.


  • The 5S score increased by 70%
  • Trained people to become Lean Champion
  • Sustainable cultural change
  • Productivity improved by 38%
  • Customer complaints reduced by 53%


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