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So if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize this opportunity, the time is now.

Transform the client's organization while bringing their vision to reality by inculcating right values through total employee involvement to unleash the potential in every individual.


Pursuing process excellence by first, defining the results; then, detaching oneself from the desperation for results; then, as a team, intensely attach to the process to simplify, and direct the team intelligence to continuous improvement of the process. Where there is process excellence, the results follow.

Spiritual Foundation


The Vedas have one prescription for all of us, "Lift yourself so that you can lift others."


We, at Vedzen, help organizations to switch from… ‘What might have been’ and regretting the realities of life, to… understanding the realities of life and progress towards ‘What can be’

The prayer called "work"


Unimplemented knowledge is a burden.


Our problem is not ignorance but inaction to the problem.


Action makes all the difference.



Help every individual in the organization to solve problems from the roots to avoid recurrence of the problem


Identify, reduce, and eliminate ‘muda’, ‘mura’ and ‘muri’ to improve productivity, quality, cost, and on-time delivery.


Sustenance: Learning, Doing/Practicing, Teaching


Devotion in everything we do. Devotion towards everything we do. 110% of the heart’s involvement in what we do is devotion. Any work can become a prayer if performed with sacredness of devotion. So, whatever be the act, when performed with devotion, leaves behind its signature on the outcome. The precision, the finesse, the aura…. Devotion alone can achieve

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