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Srirama Nagaraju,

CEO, Automotive Stampings & Assemblies Ltd,

Manufacturers and Suppliers

When we started working with the Vedzen Institute in late 2007 s, the need for revamping the entire cultural and growth ethos of ASAL was actually feeling and you and your team really have done a great job in moving the entire team towards our objective. Our employees have come around in a spirit of spontaneous working for the growth of the company, with safety awareness and discipline coming in as an additional benefit. Our inventory levels have dropped down considerably and simply put, today our people are aware of where to find what – PEEP. We have found space on shop the floor, my team never believed that it existed. I can see the company as a whole coming around on a common platform.

K. B. Gorane,

Operations Dev Manager, Alfa Laval India,

Specialized products and solutions for heavy industry

Vedzen was involved as our Indian partner for implementing workplace excellence through 5S involving all employees in a systematic manner. The idea was to follow the most effective workplace excellence tool, 5S, and the impact work culture positively to boost morale and productivity too. We implemented Kaizen & 5S in all six locations in India through Gemba Kaizen Methodology.

Sandip Ghosh,

CEO, Sahney Isovolta India Pvt Ltd,

leading manufacturers of Mica based insulation

We started our journey in Lean implementation towards achieving world class excellence about 4 years back. The journey thus far has been exciting and extremely fruitful for the organisation. The Vedzen team started with the concepts, worked with the team, including contract employees and begun Total Employee Involvement workshops. I must say the team got energized and enthused to try out new concepts. Waste got eliminated through 5S practices and the team could see the benefit themselves. Several programs were initiated to reduce process losses, develop new products through Lean eye. The users of the processes now take decisions at the Gemba, and this is a great improvement. An external audit of costs revealed a saving of Rs 5.5 million last FY, and this is just the beginning of the journey.

Vishal Vaghani,

Director, Ventures Unlimited,

leading plastic ware manufactures

With the help of Vedzen, we have achieved "Top Quality Plastic Supplier" rating from our client Exide Industries. Working with Vedzen Institute has reinforced our commitment to quality as the way of life, having adopted the Best Practices in our factory. They helped us in implementing 5S, Kaizen, Visual Management System, World Class Manufacturing, Poka Yoke and Kanban. The culture of the company too has transformed. Worker engagement has gone up by 83%. The productivity has increased, thereby making our deliveries on time. We are learning how to maintain high quality at lower costs.

Vipen Malhotra,

President & CEO,

Arvind Limited – Telecom Division

As Vedzen Institutes first customer for Kaizen implementation, I am happy to state that we reaped a rich harvest of benefits. Over a period of 5-6 years, we reduced our manufacturing space from 20,000 square feet to 2,500 square feet while increasing production from 60,000 to 360,000 EPABX ports per annum in the reduced shop floor area. Such was the reduction in space achieved that we sold our old factory to move to much smaller premises, in the process unlocking a lot of capital for alternative deployment. Simultaneously, we recorded a dramatic improvement in turnaround time for repairs & restoration of field defects from 15 days to 70% by the next day and the remaining in 3 days, besides a reduction of 90% in failure rates within and outside the factory.

Narayan Hanmantgad

Sr GM (Megapolis)

Pegasus Properties Pvt Ltd.( A joint venture of ABIL & Kumar Properties)

We have made tremendous progress, once Vedzen started getting the Lean Management Principles in place. The intelligence of the Project Managers was put to use by developing systems based on their past experience. Line-Out & Markings to facilitate correct Wire Binding; Getting Multiple parties notified at the same time; Better coordination between Departments and getting everyone to think about simple method of execution is what we could strikingly observe within 6 months of engagement. Earlier, the causes were not studied; it was only the opinion and individual paradigms that ruled the roost. But now, the communication between people is data based, based on visual planner and is directed towards Problem Solving. In building ‘B’ that was completed recently, the reduction in the finishing stage rework was more than 60%. The unique approach of utilizing the Values & Cultural intonation of India, Vedzen has evolved a powerful way of implementing the Lean Construction principles into an intellectual asset for Megapolis.

Milon K Nag

Chairman & Managing Director, KK Nag Pvt Ltd

"We were facing a very difficult market situation where there had been no growth for a few years resulting in a declining bottom line, and consequently, declining morale. In such a scenario, with no growth prospects, the only way we could remain competitive was by becoming more efficient and reducing waste. Vedzen gave us a very structured methodology to becoming lean. The two most significant improvements across the board were inculcating a mind-set of continuous improvement through Kaizens and harnessing the brain power of the entire organisation, starting from the workmen. The best aspect was that, unlike earlier consultants we had used, theirs was a more hands-on approach with minimum time spent in conference rooms and maximum time spent in the Gemba. After working with Vedzen, TQM/ Kaizen/ Lean became completely ingrained in our DNA and we now say that that is the official religion of the company which every member is expected to follow."