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We, at Vedzen,believe in sharing and disseminating knowledge on various Management philosophies, tools & techniques to professional employed in organisations across industries.

In our endeavor we have published two books so far. Both are in Marathi language

Kaizen:आयूष्य बदलणारी जापानी कार्यप्रणाली

Price: Rs 125/-

Language: Marathi

Author: Vishwas Fadtare

Kaizen, this book, explores all the aspects of Kaizen in the industrial world as well as in daily life.

The author, Mr Fadtare, learnt and practiced Kaizen during during his professional stint at Milton Plastics, Pune.

This book answers typical questions of everybody who wishes to learn and practice Kaizen in his journey towards attaining mastery in life.

What is the meaning of Kaizen!

Why do I need to practice it!

What are the benefits of doing Kaizen!

How can I implement it myself!

This book discusses about people, the physical place and the processes, emphasizing on the cultural development by using the inherent creative potential of the people.

This book implicates the wisdom encapsulated in the couplets are observed on the day to day activities of people.

The book is especially written in Marathi Language and can used as a reference book by people working on the shop floor and for non-industry professionals as well.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:


Kaizen Bodh Katha५ "एस आणी बोधकथा काइज़ेन विचारस

Price: Rs 60/-

Language: Marathi

Author: Vedzen Team

Kaizen Bodh Katha is a pocket size book which aims at educating professionals and students about the philosophy of Kaizen, 5S and its principles. This book is a compilation of timeless educational stories which have helped people over the ages resolve their problems in daily life.

Vedzen has worked extensively on combining the Indian Cultural intonations with the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen. These stories draw parallels in the spiritual knowledge of Indian people and the operational excellence tools they learn during the Kaizen Workshops.

In order to become a world class player, organizations need to imbibe the philosophy of Kaizen aka Continual Improvement to improve productivity, better quality at lower costs providing on time deliveries. This book will guide you towards delivering higher performance.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

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