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In today’s competitive business world driving a business is very tough and unrelenting. Many internal & external forces are continuously reshaping the business. In order to overcome strategic & operations challenges, over the last few decades, various organizations have been devising methods & techniques for improving and set standards for high performance. Lean Kaizen, Six Sigma, TOC, etc are some of the best practices developed by such organizations. We at Vedzen help organizations become more competitive by using proven management practices. We make organizations – fit by optimizing their process fast by improving their operations and flexible by involving everyone so as to meet varying customer needs.
Lean Manufacturing or Lean Production, often simply "lean", is a systematic method for the elimination of waste ("Muda") within a manufacturing system. Lean also takes into account waste created through overburden ("Muri") and waste created through unevenness in workloads ("Mura").
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Lean Construction is a comprehensive management system which optimizes efforts, minimizes costs and time, reduces waste for creating value, i.e. what best can be done, should be done!
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Lean Healthcare is an evolving methodology which benefits the Healthcare Industry in terms of better operational efficiency, cost effectiveness & higher process quality. Healthcare is a multifaceted business and has to continually balance the needs for medical care and finances.
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Lean Retail is a systematic approach to eliminating all kinds of non-value adding activities in the processes with the creative involvement of all employees. The retail industry is going through a challenging phase. With the advent of technology, the consumer has a better understanding of products and services in the market.
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People, Process & System

Vedzen is now a well-known brand in field of Lean Kaizen implementation in India. In our 2- decade journey, we have worked with more than 10 sectors and 50+ organizations for training and implementation of best practices and have developed 5000+ Lean leaders for operational excellence Vedzen is engaged in helping Organizations become Fit, Fast & Flexible through Total Employee Involvement. In January 2006, Yogesh Vaghani founded Vedzen Institute with a vision of creating mini Japan in the Nagar Road, industrial belt of Pune. By mini Japan it meant, developing a lean-kaizen organisation that strives for creating value for customers to provide quality products & services whenever & whatever they need.

Throughput time reduction by 25%
Productivity Improvement by 25%
Improving Quality by 40%
Cost Reduction Upto 10-15%
Superior Flexibility
High performance culture building

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