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Implementing workplace excellence and process improvement at retail store.

Sector: Retail

Year of engagement:  1 year

Workplace:  6 Facilities


When we got engaged, the store was cluttered which led to less space availability and higher searching time. No proper system for inventory management and billing process.


Create workplace excellence & capability building for process improvement through total employee involvement.


Vedzen’s specially crafted “Model B”, Workplace excellence through total employee involvement was proposed.


The engagement started with training and handholding with teams through our approach- focused improvement projects. People were trained in workplace excellence and lean methodology. More than 40% of the space was released through the red tag campaign. Safety at workstations was improved through 5S projects. Kanban system was implemented for visual ordering and reducing inventory at the store. Daily morning meeting with store matrix was introduced to measure and improve the store performance. A lean weekly action plan was placed for better planning and coordination amongst the team member. Customer feedback recording and the analyzing system was introduced to improve customer experience. Billing cycle time was reduced through a focused improvement project. Visual management, respect for people, overall cleaning & upkeeping the store, dust-free store, kaizen reporting was some examples of focused improvement projects.


  • Billing time reduced by 28%
  • Freed up space by 42% (effective space utilization)
  • Searching time for the material was reduced by 68%
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • 3 trollies of waste were sold out worth Rs. 2.5 lakhs
  • Proper tagging/arrangement of wire created workplace safety
  • The place for everything & everything in its place situation created (PEEP)
  • The empowered staff through training



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