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Lean Construction-Operational Excellence in Construction

Megapolis is a residential township in Pune, India. It is located along the outskirts of Pune, in Hinjewadi. The township is being built at an estimated cost of ?1,500 crore. It is developed by Pegasus Properties, a joint venture of Kumar Properties and ABIL Group.


Sector: Construction Industry

Engagement: 2 years

Workplace: 2 sites



  • Improve project delivery
  • Reduce rework and enhance quality
  • Increase daily productivity
  • Change organizational culture



  • The construction/ execution at site were delayed due to majorly poor planning & execution
  • Gaps in communication & co-ordination; largely want of right attitude
  • Site was cluttered where various types of material were getting mixed up & wasted while handling
  • Amount of rework or snags was quite high hence multiple levels of quality inspections were performed
  • Productivity of ground staff was low as compared to standards set by contractors
  • Material procurement & delivery to site was very slow causing delay



  • Determined the status of site in comparison with best practices
  • Identified and prioritized the areas where Lean-Kaizen effort is most required
  • Developed the action plan for successful transition with broad responsibilities and time frames for factors that impact productivity, quality, delivery, inventory etc
  • Developed de-risking strategies, standard procedure, review mechanisms, escalation procedures & issue resolution process



  • Collaborative Planning System brought the execution assurance to the level of 95% PPC
  • Rework reduction was more than 60% with simultaneous improvement in work done “First time Right”
  • Site store has become as icon of improvement in the method of procurement, storage, stocking & preservation
  • 5S audit score is consistently above 60% in all areas of site
  • Project lead time reduction by 28%
  • Ground staff productivity increased by 50%
  • Resource utilization increased by 25%

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