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Implementing operational excellence for reducing lead time, improving quality and, productivity.

Sector: Manufacturing

Industry: Equipment manufacturing

Years of Engagement: 2 Years


Frequent changes in products led to the long & late delivery of products. A high amount of funds was blocked in inventory. Systems failed to cater to needs and underutilized facilities.


Transform traditionally managed business unit, into a professionally managed business unit for producing high-quality products at the shortest lead time with a three-fold increment in the top line.


Vedzen’s specially crafted “Model D” was proposed for competence building through Lean-Kaizen tools and techniques. Top management to front end operator was trained through a focused improvement project with our approach of handholding with teams.


The engagement started with assessing operations, shop-floor, and, material flow. We applied the principle of operational excellence to create a flow from RM issue to finished product delivered to build product at the rate of customer demand. The program started with training, coaching, and, handholding with the team on lean-kaizen techniques through focused improvement projects. Coordination and communication system was improved with a clear job description and assigning roles & responsibilities of individuals. Visual management, respect for people, daily morning meeting, management by walking around, overall cleaning, and up-keeping the facility, creating flow, and organizing workstations are a few examples of focused improvement initiatives. Total productive maintenance (TPM) was implemented for the optimum utilization of machines and equipment. The lean quality culture was developed through training and handholding with the team on quality improvement initiative “make it right, first time and every time”


  • Productivity improved by 47%.
  • Workplace Excellence (Improved 5S audit score by 80%).
  •  Quality Improved (Reduced rejection/rework by 100%).
  • On-time delivery by 93%.
  • Inventory reduced by 49%.
  • OEE improved by 38%

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