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Creating excellence in the operational endeavors of Small Business Units in Pune


Excellence is not an inherited trait. One has to put his own sincere efforts to achieve the excellence. With intense and accurate training, individuals could be trained to take steps towards the goal of perfection, irrespective of their degrees. Vedzen Institute is entitled and well experienced to inoculate these values of being impeccable in an individual.

The sustainability of a company and its progress is directly proportional to the work competencies of its employers. In this project, the client was running a small entrepreneurial business unit located in the outskirt industrial area near Pune. The unit team was comprised of young highly qualified entrepreneur and a small team of people who were not qualified. They were together working on the manufacturing of high quality stainless steel, Cookware utensils and Pressure cookers and were engaged in sales of their products in and around the few states of Maharashtra. They are an emerging brand in the industry with the supply of high cookware products. The Client wants to increase his sales revenue with a target of minimum 25% per year and to expand their production capacity, without putting any major investment. They are looking to establish high quality brand image with exclusive features such as, on time and in full quantity delivery. This will in return help them to increase their presence among the customers. They have a target to be a preferred supplier of top two Cookware companies within two years.

With the objective of making his aspirations true, we prepared the road map for 24 months engagement. Our main objective was to establish systems and procedures in the factory and to train the factory management group, so that we can achieve 25% business growth within 12 months without adding much resources and 50% growth within 24 months with addition of few justified resources. With challenges in our journey, we successfully make it possible for them, in spite of the small company size and limited financial source.

The schedules of the production were rescheduled, keeping in mind the market demand. A standard operation work chart was introduced to make sure the consistent production of quality and value added products. To make sure, the workers give their 100% input, proper coaching is given to improve the communication process within the company.

The visible results were noticed with the 15% increase in the sales in first year, followed by 25% in next year. The brand image grew to 66% and the company was able to get premium orders.

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