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1. 5S- For higher productivity and Employee motivation

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5‘s’ is a powerful “Lean-Kaizen” foundation tool. This tool enables the smooth implementation of Lean-Kaizen principles. It also provides for a systematic work-place focus and team-based problem-solving. The practice of 5 ‘S’ continually improves the organization towards world-class and to become a great place to work.

This is an audio-video training aid on 5 ‘S’ implementation in various industries, across sectors and at home, too. It can be used as an authoritative training material for people across all the levels of any organization.

Add on: Interview of people who practice 5 ‘S’



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2. War on 8 Wastes

A Lean-Kaizen tool for identifying, reducing and eliminating process waste

The concept of non-value adding activities originated from the practice of Mr.Taiichi Ohno of the Toyota Production System. The need for such a concept was born out of the national economic crisis Japan was reeling under then, during the decades that followed the infamous World War second. Toyoda family had lots of challenges to meet before they could become profitable and beat the other carmakers in the Americas. Analysis of value-adding and non-value-adding activities led the company to comprehend the concept of the seven wastes, and then gradually implement it across the factory. The rigorous and disciplined approach towards eliminating the process wastes improved their quality drastically, simultaneously also bringing down their cost and also accelerated the production flow thus bringing in dramatic gains both in terms of top-line as well as the bottom line.


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3. Poka-Yoke – A technique for Performance Excellence

Poka-Yoke is a tool in the lean manufacturing process that helps to avoid mistakes. Its purpose is to eliminate product defects by identifying, correcting, and preventing or drawing attention to human errors as they occur. The value of using Poka-Yoke is that they help people and processes work right the first time, which makes mistakes impossible to happen.

This technique significantly improves the quality and reliability of products and processes by eliminating defects.

Poka-Yoke has helped us in becoming ‘error-proof’ in our processes thus helping us harvest huge savings through reduced rework and rejects. We have used this concept while designing our products, in the process of becoming immune to inadvertent human errors during the assembly of our products.   (Mr. Vipen Malhotra, President, Syntel Telecom)


To download the android app on War on Waste Click here 




4. One-Piece Flow

A Management Paradigm for organizational transformation

The concept of One Piece Flow is the fundamentals to becoming Lean. It’s about making the right piece of work available only when they are needed in the quantity they are needed. The goal is to move one piece of work at a time between operations at the lowest possible cost, on time, defect-free thus achieving just in time.

Benefits of One Piece flow Implementation

  • Increase productivity, Flexibility, and Multi-Model
  • Decrease in Material Handling, Inventory, and operational cost.

Cellular manufacturing has given us freedom of manufacturing of any number of pieces whenever customer demands. Over-production & over-processing is out of list now. Model variation is no longer problem for us because we implemented Heijunka & Mizusumash.        (Mr. Durga Prashan Das, Plant Head, RSB Transmission Ltd)


To download the android app on War on Waste Click here 


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