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Lean Construction is a comprehensive management system which optimizes efforts, minimizes costs and time, reduces waste for creating value, i.e. what best can be done, should be done!

  • Focuses on meeting owner's/customer's needs by providing quality services at a cost that provides value to the owners/customers
  • Is driven by the quest for continuous improvement in all operations
  • Recognizes that everyone in the organization has owners/customers (internal or external)
  • Views an organization as an internal system with a common aim rather than as individual departments acting to maximize their own performances
  • Focuses on the way tasks are accomplished rather than simply what tasks are accomplished
  • Emphasizes teamwork and a high level of participation by all employees

Evolving methods like latest technology is promoted as the solution to the existing problems. Money is used freely to cover up the shortcomings & thus we end up being on time but burnt out on budget.

Lean Construction is not just another specific approach to construction, but rather a challenger of the conventional understanding and practice of construction.

Lean Construction is formed by integrating the project deliverable and the diverse service agencies through the principles of the Collaboration and Adaptability. The non-value adding activities are identified and reduced from the Value Stream of a project, thereby maximising value at the point of delivery within the shortest possible throughput time. Through Lean Project Delivery System, we combine concurrent steps and co-create with the involved agencies like A/E, MEP, AHU, Facility contractors, etc.

Why Lean Construction Excellence

To keep the construction processes free from the 7 classical wastes (Muda), empowering each and every agency to the shared objective of Constructing Excellence, engaging collaborative approach to creating inclusive value for the customer, and planning to the last detail without any trade-off between cost, quality or delivery span. Some of the generic problems (Waste) that we normally hear in the construction companies are:

  • Excessive wasteful activities
  • Unreliable contractor
  • Volatile supplies.
  • Non-synchronized processes
  • No standard process
  • Lack of people engagement
  • Gap between planned work & actual achieved
  • Inventory mismanagement
  • Funds mismanagement

Benefits of Lean Construction

Project lead time reduction by 30-40%
Profits up by 15-20%, Cost reduction
Increase in Productivity
Inventory of material & tools to go down by 20-25%
Supplier & Contractor Partnering
Resource utilization up by 25%
Reduction in Process Time
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Insights from Lean Construction Implementation project
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