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Kaizen for Branch Excellence at Retail Banking

2 days or 6 session training program on “Kaizen for Branch Excellence” 


Industry/ Sector 

Co-operative Bank 


Lack of teamwork & motivation leads to reduce operational efficiency. Cost Optimization & Revenue generation. Longer process time due to lack of standardization


Improve Productivity & operational efficiency through skill development and customer satisfaction. 


Vedzen’s specially crafted “Model B”, “Kaizen for Branch Excellence” 2 Day’s training program was proposed. 


The training program started with a brief introduction of participants, their challenges, and expectations from the training program. The first session is all about the mindset change, Kaizen approach/steps, and Kaizen Principles training (Kaizen basics). Participants were trained on shifting fixed mindset to learning mindset through the presentation, case studies, and Simulation games. 

The second session was on Practical structured problem-solving through Group exercise & standard PDCA approach. Participants were trained on defining the problem, brainstorming process, root cause analysis (5x whys), and an action plan to solve daily working as well as chronic problems like (delegation, IT).

The third session was on productivity & Operational Efficiency improvement through various kaizen tools i.e. 5S for workplace organization. Participants enjoyed the learning through games. Participants were trained on 5S principles of creating a highly organized workplace. Participants learned how to improve productivity by resource utilization, visual management, reducing searching time, space creation & safety improvement

The fourth session was on Process Improvement, Participants learned how to improve processes by using swim lane technique through group exercise e.g. to reduce the lead time of account opening to 2 days from 5-6 days; vehicle/ home loan procedure reduced to 14 days from 25 days, process improvement in locker operations, foreign exchange process, loan recovery, pay-order, Delivery of ATM Cards/ ATM operations, Data purification and so on.

The fifth session was on continual improvement attitude and customer satisfaction, standardization of processes participants was trained on improving customer satisfaction through real-life case studies and motivational videos. 

The program ended with case study presentation by groups and a vote of thanks. 



  • 200 Managers were trained 
  • Empowered and Motivated Managers 
  • Processes improved and new SOP prepared
  • Unleashed the potential
  • A lead time of account opening process reduced by 250%
  • A lead time of Vehicle/ Home loan process reduced by 178%

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