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Our History

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Our Beginnings

In January 2006, Yogesh Vaghani founded Vedzen Institute with a vision of creating mini Japan in the Nagar Road, industrial belt of Pune. By mini Japan it meant, developing Lean-Kaizen organisation that strives for creating Value from Customers point of view thereby reducing waste in the processes and making it capable with optimum needs.


  • Throughput time – 12 days to 5 hours
  • WIP inventory – Reduced by 97%
  • Total Inventory – Reduced by 72%
  • Manpower Productivity – up 280%
  • Value added per employee – up 17 times
  • Floor space used – decreased by more than 50%
  • Quality (rejection rate) – decreased from 12% to less than 1%
  • OEE - Up from around 40% to a peak of 78%
  • Changeover time – Down by over 75% 


Vedzen is engaged in helping Organizations become Fit, Fast & Flexible through Total Employee Involvement.

We adopted a new logo. 3 Fit, Fast and Flexible triangles are used to form our Logo. The natural "V" letter of Vedzen depicts growth, which starts with a single point and grows upwards to two points and more.

The different triangles depict different organizations. This new Logo depicts the three triangles of Fit, Fast, Flexible, forming a Bottom Up triangle, while surrounding a white triangle of the Top Down organization structure. Colours used are of the Indian flag.

It shows our commitment to top-down and bottom-up approach, completing inverting the pyramid to propose more equity to the front line team and also to impress the idea of total employee involvement.

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The three colors are different paradigm/s that affect our perception of reality, so when we conduct our implementation drive, we work on the White Color as the unified expression of all people i.e. being inclusive and holistic. We work for World Class Excellence.

Vedzen is now a well-known brand in field of Lean Kaizen implementation in India. In our 2 decade journey, we worked with more than 10 sectors and 50+ organizations in Lean-Kaizen implementation and developed 500+ Lean leaders for Operational Excellence.




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