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Implementing Operational excellence for building quality culture necessary for doubling the business in short time

Sector: Manufacturing 

Industry: Home Improvement /  Bath fittings 

Years of Engagement:  2 years

Workplace:  1 Facility


Long & late delivery of products. Frequent customer complaints on quality & customer returns. Short of space, constrain in daily capacity, high work in progress inventory, lower education of migrated staff and workers with heavy unpredictable absenteeism.


Transformation of 10-year-old traditionally managed unit, producing medium quality, limited range products to a professionally managed unit producing premium quality, large variety new product range, higher volumes with short delivery lead times.


Vedzen’s specially crafted “Model E”, 2.5 years of holistic continual improvement culture building program involving unit owner to the last connected worker in the facility.


We applied the principles of operational excellence to create a self-healing flow from RM issue to finished product transfer to the warehouse to build products at the rate of customer demand. If the flow is abnormal, employees use standard responses to correct it. The program started with educating senior management staff on behavioural technical and managerial skills, aligning with values & policies. Coached them on disciplined data-based, facts finding, Gemba based analysis & improvement than just supervision, record upkeep and material handling coordination. Upfront notification of quality issues, team-based prompt analysis and corrective actions helped to stabilize the flow. Educating the workforce in a large number (First-time life experience for them) empowered with ‘Quality First’ approach, further strengthened our fighting the battle against all types wastes. Visual management, respect & recognition of every team member, top managements rounds on the shop floor, quick daily work management meetings on boards, dust reduction, layout with better-designed work tables, overall cleaning and upkeeping the facility are few examples of focused improvement initiatives.


  • Empowered motivated staff & workforce
  • Lead time reduced by 50% in 60% product range
  • The business has grown from 170 Cr to 240 Cr in these two years from the same facility
  • Rework / Rejection reduced by 20+%

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