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Transform traditionally owned business into a lean organization.

Sector: Manufacturing

Industry: Jewellery

Years of Engagement:  3+ years

Workplace:  1 Facility


Business growing faster year on year, putting stretched demands on delivery periods, fulfilling customer demand at a shorter lead time without losing a business opportunity


Transforms 25 years old traditionally running a business into a lean organization by training & handholding with the team to learn & implement lean manufacturing practices. Help in streamline process flow and process optimization. Manage a high variety of low volume products at a shorter lead time with high quality.  


Vedzen’s specially crafted “Model E”, 3+ years of holistic lean culture building program involving unit owner to the last connected worker in the facility.  


Engagement starts with the assessment of as on condition through shop-floor assessment and interviewing functional heads. Work started with plotting current VSM and identifying opportunities for improvement. Focused improvement projects are identified by analyzing current VSM and aligned with organizational VVM. Cross-functional action teams and individuals are trained on lean tools and structured problem-solving. Process lead time is optimized through the streamline process flow. Material handling is reduced through layout design and cell formation. Productivity and quality are improved by introducing a daily work management system. Visual planning board and daily morning standup meeting in each cell is introduced. Design, CAD & CAM departments are merged to reduce longer lead time & for better communication. The recruitment process is improved. KRA and KPI’s of an individual are defined to track the performance of an individual to meet organizational goals. A skill matrix system is introduced for tracking and developing the skill of an individual.


  • Complete alignment in the organization through VVM
  • Productivity improved by 19%
  • Lead time reduced by 33%
  • WIP reduced by 66%
  • Rework & Rejection reduced by 10%
  • Increased in on-time delivery to the customer from 60% to 90%
  • Business Grow from 35 m$ to 55 m$ in 3 years

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