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Implementing Operational excellence, building systems for short delivery, doubling the business in short time, in same work space

Sector: Manufacturing 

Industry: Valve Manufacturing

Years of Engagement: 2 Years 


Business growing at 20 to 25% year on year, putting stretched demands on delivery periods, maintaining special quality standards & procedure requirements in the same facility in a short period without losing a business opportunity


Coach the team to learn & implement lean manufacturing practices. Help in overcoming challenges and safeguard the reputation of the quality manufacturer while achieving business growth from 240 Cr to 300 Cr.


Vedzen’s specially crafted “Model D” was proposed for competence building in structured problem solving with focused improvement projects. 4 teams with 6-7 members in each, from operations were coached on lean principles and structured problem solving


A quick assessment of shopfloor revelled the disrupted material flow at each stage, short supply, design changes, quality issues, waiting for customer clearances, hold orders, rejection etc. Work started with plotting current state VSM and identified opportunities for improvement. Used lean simulation game to coach the team involving MD, all HOD’s Operation staff & workers, QAC, Stores & procurement. Disruption in supply and flow at various stages were addressed through focused improvement projects by the team. Defined Controlled WIP at each stage and tracked daily. Cellular manufacturing introduced reducing movements. Capacity Planning & weekly scheduling improved as per demand rate with subcontracting for load levelling. Introduced daily work management & vendor development. Introduced RM Kit, Machined Items kit, stores kit etc improving flow, reducing shop floor inventory and quickly surfacing abnormalities if any. Introduced performance dashboards & weekly tracking in supply chain and operations.

Design change pre-approval with its impacts on inventory was introduced. Non-moving inventory store code location was separated to track consumption & controlled addition.

Introducing weekly team Kaizens dashboard review, Gemba walk by senior management improved respecting individual, recognition & motivation of all team members involved.


  • Empowered motivated staff & workforce
  • A lead time of order execution reduced by 30%
  • The business grew from 210 Cr to 240 Cr & then to 304 Cr in these two years from the same facility
  • WIP of 36 Cr on shop reduced to 25 Cr and then to 18 Cr
  • Non-moving inventory generation drastically reduced after locking the old store

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