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Implementing holistic quality culture through lean & kaizen

Sector:  Manufacturing

Industry: Electronics equipment manufacturing 

Engagement:  3 years

Workplace:  2 Facilities


Rapidly growing business required higher quality products at a shorter lead time, forced management to set up a new facility to fulfill customer demand because of space constrain.


Create workplace excellence & capability building for higher production & quality improvement with cost optimization.


Vedzen’s specially crafted “Model E” –Long-term holistic quality culture building was proposed.


The engagement started with organizational study, process, and shop floor assessment. Implementation began with Employee engagement through training and development. 18000+ sq. ft. space was released through 5S & visual management implementation within the first quarter.  Non-value adding activities in the manufacturing process were identified and reduced with the help of process mapping tools and the SCAMPER method. Product flow was improved through a new plant layout design after combining a few operations.

People were trained on structured problem solving and kaizen implementation to improve quality and reduce customer complaints. Daily review meeting and visual boards were developed to track and improve operational KPIs. Operations were simplified with the help of streamlined process flow. The organization got many prestigious awards because of focused improvement practices by the employees.


  • Saved manufacturing area required from 25000 sq. ft. to 6500 sq. ft. with 20% additional capacity creation
  • The number of manufacturing stages was reduced from 8 to just 3
  • Monthly overheads reduced by 40%
  • Reduction in field failure in NEOS & Analogy by 65%
  • Admin cost reduction by 12 Lacs per year
  • Improvement in inventory turn ratio by 25%
  • Productivity improvement by 100%
  • Reduction in process rejection by 50%

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