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We present you the top six sigma implementation and lean kaizen management in PuneXth Lean Kaizen Mela 2014
Suzlon Excellence Academy, Hadapsar, Pune on June 19th, 20th and 21st June, 2014

''Lean the Indian Way''

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Day One - June 19th 2014

The seminar, Lean Kaizen Mela, started on time, with all the registered company representatives checking in and taking their places designated inside the Synergy hall of Suzlon Excellence Academy. The theme of the day was Lean - the Indian Way. The theme was chosen to bring out the indigenous infusion of the Lean and Kaizen implementation practices with the Indian Culture. The people should be made aware that the philosophy of continual improvement is not alien to the Indian Industry; in fact it has roots deep in the cultural inheritance of the country. All participants received a folder that had the note on theme, profile of the speakers, and schedule for the day with instructions on conducting the Case Study presentation. The program was co-hosted by Sanat Sankrityayan and Anup Gandhi from Vedzen


Right after the national anthem and invoking the spirit of knowledge by lighting the lamp, Dr. Shrinivas Gondhalekar, Dean Operations, Welingkar, Mumbai kicked off the day with an interesting and involving session. He talked about the damage wrought by WIP, and the corresponding leniency in letting the WIP pile up. Dr. G. (as he is popularly known) shared a thought provoking demonstration of how Maintenance and Production functions in isolation and presented the possibility of working together to make the problems disappear in a jiffy. The Flow of Value through the Production Facility must be the priority and not locally optimized process.


Moving to the next Keynote Session, Mr. Dilip Somaiya, Mentor, D K Somaiya and Associates, Bangalore and Mr. Sirish Patel, Founder, WCO Consultants, Chennai presented on Revolutionary Lean Leadership - the Indian Way. Mr. Dilip Somaiya is a grand advocate of Gandhian principles in the Industry. His adaptation of the Gandhian principles like dignity of physical labour and hatred for waste are directly correlated with the Lean principles of Respect for People and Muda Elimination as in The Toyota Way.


The session went on to deliberate on the Gandhian Servant Leadership, where his accomplice Mr. Sirish Patel joined in with an array of examples in practice. Social Engineering is how Mr. Patel would call it; he has been successfully practicing the ideals propagated by Gandhiji by including the differently abled into the mainstream of work. He shared videos on modified work stations that would enable a blind man to operate stores replenishment cycle and another on the assembly line, as well as another spastic person handling the daily delivery. It simply took the overall discussion to a different level of inventiveness. lean Kaizen implementation in pune involves the front line people. involving the front line people. His Organization had recently won Deming Award for 2013 and he eloquently brought out the fact that Kaizen can be used as a Cultural Strategy for bringing Total Alignment in the Organization. He spoke on the efforts he had to take to bring unanimous understanding of the concepts, like TPM, TQM, Lean or Kaizen. Once having driven home the idea, his people just needed good leadership and unflinching support from Top Management.


The Programme was flagged open for Case Study Competition by Mr. Yogesh Vaghani, Chairman of Vedzen. He projected some photographs from the ten years journey of Lean Kaizen Mela. Lean Kaizen Mela was espoused by Masaki Imai San in its inception year, and later on endorsed by practitioners like Shoji Shiba San in 2010. The themes of the successive years had been in line with the concurrent economy of the nation. His references from Vedas and Mahabharata caught the attention of all the listeners. Mr. Vaghani emphasized on living the Cultural values at the workplace like Dignity of Work to become an enterprising Indian who achieves productivity and reaps prosperity along with peace.


Proceeding to the Case Study Competition, we had the following companies who participated. The results were:


Gold Trophy
Sr No Company Case Study Category
1 RSB Transmissions Productivity improvement Productivity
2 Haier Main Assembly Quality improvement  Quality
3 Godrej & Boyce Elec Div Safety for Spear Plate Safety
Silver Trophy
Sr No Company Case Study Category
1 RSB Transmissions Reduction in Rejection  Quality
2 Virgo Valves Reduction on Cycle time Productivity
3 Sahney Kirkwood Pvt Ltd Quality improvement Quality
Bronze Trophy
Sr No Company Case Study Category
1 Foseco India Ltd On Time Delivery improvement   
2 Mahindra Steel Service Center Ltd Process efficeiency improvement  
3 Mahle Behr India Ltd Productivity improvement Productivity
4 Burckhardt Compression Ltd TPM and Lean Implentation  
5 Foseco India Ltd Elimination of Burner Problem  

Case Study was evaluated by our panel of judges, namely Mr. Laxman Mahale, Plant Head, Mahindra Steel SCL; Mrs. Sanjeevani Gogawale, Noted Academician; Mr. Pramod Sahasrabuddhe and Mr. Vishwas Fadtare, seasoned Lean Practitioners. Overall, there were 18 Companies participating in the mela, with Five Factory Tours spread over two days. We have shared the Cases on our Website under Knowledge Bank. The Images are also posted on our Social Media Sites.

Day 2 - June 20th 2014

Guided Factory Tours


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