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Lean Six Sigma

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Lean Six Sigma is a focused approach for optimizing process and reducing costs by eliminating Non-Value adding activities and statistically deriving performance target of operating with not more than 3.4 defects per million parts.

This is a powerful methodology which has its origins in Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma. Lean reduces wastes by optimizing process and Six Sigma reduces defects through problem solving. Together, Lean Six Sigma is the way forward to become World Class.


Lean: Lean is a business philosophy used to continuously identify, reduce and eliminate the wastes from all walks of business.( The Six Sigma Way, Tata Mcgraw Hill)

Lean concept is used to identify Non-value adding activities in the processes and strategically remove it from the end-to-end value stream.


Six Sigma: A flexible and comprehensive system for achieving, sustaining and maximizing business success.(Source: The Six Sigma Way, Tata Mcgraw Hill).

It is uniquely driven by close understanding of customer needs, disciplined usage of data & facts, statistical analysis and diligently attention to managing, improving, and re-inventing the business processes.

Why Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma uses tools and techniques from both the methodologies to create efficient processes which enable the organisation to deliver more products or services, with more satisfied customers. Implementation of Lean Six Sigma streamlines processes that result in products of services that are delivered faster at no cost to quality. The benefits of putting Lean Six Sigma into practice are:

  • Increases revenue by enabling the organisation to do more with fewer resources
  • Develops effective employees within your organization by actively involving employees in the improvement process
  • Improves the efficiency of your organization by building an engaged and accountable team
  • Ensures products or services conform to customer requirements
  • Allows the organisation to use data to eliminate defects in any process
  • Reduces cost of poor Quality by eliminating variations that lead to defects
  • Increase yields, eliminate unnecessary complexity and helps gain or maintain lowest cost 

Lean Six Sigma is a widely accepted business strategy in the industrial world (both Manufacturing & Services) for improving profitability and achieving excellence.

Main Benefits of Implementing Lean Six Sigma

Increase in Revenue

Reduction in Cost

Increase in Productivity

Simpler Processes
Reduced complexity

Resource utilization up by 25%

Reduction in Processing Time


Our Areas of Expertise (Tools and Techniques)

We, at Vedzen, follow the DMAIC methodology which is one of the best and widely used. It stands for Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control.

We take up the holistic implementation of LSS in Organizations across all levels and functions. Our experts hand-hold organisations with a structured improvement method that leads them logically from defining a problem to implementing solutions that address the underlying causes.

We train people on the Lean Six Sigma principles and methodology.We also support budding LSS practitioners by Handholding their projects on LSS. We conduct certification programs for working professionals across all industries. (Yellow, Green, Black & Master Black Belt).We take submissions of the implementation of LSS. We have an expert panel that scrutinizes the project for its veracity, validity of the results and sustenance of the change brought about by adopting LSS.

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