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Kanban System: A production-control system that uses cards or tickets as visual signals to trigger or control the flow of materials or parts during the manufacturing process.

Kaizen: Continual, incremental improvement of an activity to create more value with less waste. The term Kaizen Blitz refers to a team approach to quickly tear down and rebuild a process layout to function more efficiently.

Kaizen Story: An 8-step standardized problem-solving continuous improvement procedure to be used at all levels of the organization

1) Select a Project,

2) Understand current situations and set objectives,

3) Analyse data to identify the root cause,

4) Establish counter measures,

5) Implement countermeasures,

6) Confirm the results/proof,

7) Standardize the process or procedure for repeat application,

8) Review the above process and make improvements.

Kaizen Story Board: A board that displays the Kaizen Story at a prominent place for Visual Management.

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