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Structured Problem Solving P2

About the Topic

Whatever resources your competitors may have at their disposal, the only factor that will allow you to compete with them is the Speed and accuracy of your ‘Problem Solving and Decision Making.’ The structured Problem-solving competency of your employees will be the winning weaponry in your arsenal. Your problem solving should aim at diminishing the likelihood of recurrence of the problems. In our part 1 program, we have explained the framework of the structured problem-solving method. In this session, we will try to explain how our human brain works while solving a problem. It will be very interesting information. This will help you to acknowledge and improve your thinking process before you conclude on any analysis or take decisions. We are going to cover more detailed steps so that you become competent to handle more complex problems. We will also take one case study example to explain how to practice each step and how it can help to solve the problem. You all will enjoy the case.


Contents of the Topic:

  • What is structured Thinking
  • Major Steps in Problem Solving
  • Case study Example


Benefits of the Topic:

     Be able to

  • Develop/improve your logical thinking
  • Become an effective problem solver
  • Become a better coach to guide your team to solve problems


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