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About the Topic:

Every manager and business leader will encounter a situation where a major disruption or a problem is to be resolved in the workplace. Many possibilities could be thought of or could be suggested by different people but no one will be sure of what they are thinking. It is a very common situation all around that everyone wants disruption to disappearing, not knowing the real cause and the real problem.

Structured problem-solving methods, like the one we will discuss, bring order and a sequenced framework to your thought process.  Moreover, structured problem-solving approaches are designed to help you methodically identify the root cause, followed by taking appropriate steps to correct and prevent it from happening again in the future.  By their very nature, structured problem-solving approaches help bring order to what can often be a chaotic situation.


Contents of the Topic:

  • What is Traditional Problem Solving
  • What is Structured Problem Solving
  • Elements of Structured Problem Solving
  • Different Methods of Problem Solving


Benefits of the Topic:

  • Be able to restore disruptions quickly with last longing solution
  • Be able to develop your skill level of managing your job well
  • Be able to solve problems efficiently and effectively
  • Be able to train your team members and make them problem solvers
  • Be able to develop a team-work mindset among people


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