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Strategic Transformation through Clean, Lean and Green practices

Manufacturing has emerged as one of the highest growth sectors in India. Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, had launched the “Make in India” program to place India as a manufacturing hub and give global recognition to the Indian economy. India is expected to become the fifth largest manufacturing country in the world by 2020. By considering such growth in the manufacturing sector there will a big burden on natural resources and environment. Manufacturing units will crunch the environment by using the excess resource, now it’s time to forecast tomorrow’s need and save the environment for the future by using green manufacturing principles. Industrial regulations are changing rapidly. To sustain and earn profit in such a competitive environment, business owners are implementing & sustaining the environment through Clean, Lean and Green practices.

What are Clean, Lean and Green practices?

It is the renewal of production and service operations through Lean and Green practices to establish environment-friendly and ecofriendly work culture. It is the step by step process of cleaning, Leaning and Greening the organization. Green Manufacturing starts from Cleaning the organization through 5 S methodology, leaning the organisation by improving efficiency, utilizing resources and by reducing waste and Greening the organisation by reducing resource consumption, by using reusable material, by using eco-friendly material, waste treatment & management, by increasing usages of renewable energy, planting more trees in campus and many more ways…

Clean, Lean & Green Practices:

Clean- maintain a clean & shining workplace by applying 5 ‘S’ principles. Clean & shining workplace area helps to reduce the use of resources (e.g. increase productive space through 5S, Clean & Shining bulb have higher illumination rate)

Lean- Reduce energy waste, process waste (TIMWOOD), resource waste.

Green – Use renewable energy sources, construct a green factory, wastewater recycling, produce ecofriendly & environment-friendly products, increase the product life cycle, use biodegradable material, produce recyclable material, reduce pollution & greenhouse gases, reduce the noise level, save paper, plant more trees, conduct society awareness program on greening.

Benefits f Lean & Green practices?

Green practices not only helpful in controlling the environment but also improves the bottom-line of an organization. It helps in increasing employee motivation, morale, job satisfaction and improving public relations. It helps in creating work standards. It helps to reduce the cost of production, increase productivity.

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