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Simplifying Lean Manufacturing - Part 1



Lean manufacturing a simple and effective concept has been able to guide many to successful paths. Mr. Yogesh Vaghani, Managing Director, Vedzen Consulting Group will share with us the importance of the concept and how it helps not in manufacturing efficiency but also encourages a better life.

The competitive world of manufacturing has introduced numerous concepts to boost the manufacturing industry but currently, the most popular and fascinating concept introduced by Toyota, lean manufacturing has garnered immense success and has created productive, efficient, and prosperous business models.

Even though there are numerous reasons for organizations to adopt lean manufacturing, I would like to focus on the key four reasons why an organization must adopt the method. Firstly, since the market is highly competitive, developing better products and provide them at lower-cost when required to satisfy the customers; Secondly, whenever the establishments are unable to break the boundaries of traditional methods, thirdly, wherein the organization is looking for cultural excellence and finally when an organization is looking for operation excellence, a lean method is the most reliable.

The methodology has numerous elements that not only improve the concept in general but also provide a path for transformation. Kaizen is an influential aspect of lean manufacturing, as lean manufacturing focuses on eliminating anything which is not required to deliver a quality product or services on time to customers and basically improvising the process dramatically whereas Kaizen is taking small steps eventually leading to significant improvements. The Kaizen philosophy emphasis implementing a daily mark not regularly thus, taking small steps to focus on reducing and eliminating waste. It helps in creating a people-centric approach, aligning your mind to your vision thus guiding organizations on the path of transformation and continuous improvements.



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