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Policy Deployment

About the Topic

Policy Deployment is the process of planning & reviewing the strategic goals of an organization, evolving strategic approaches, breaking it down to actionable tasks, and then aligning the company’s resources towards meeting those goals. In Japanese, it is known as Hoshin Kanri.

Policy deployment should be the result of a back-and-forth conversation between leaders and their subordinates which calls for communication both vertically and laterally.

The structure of the policy deployment process allows a continual review of progress, which lets leaders act on deviations from the plan. This review is vital for policy deployment to be effective. It is not a task that is done once a year. It requires regular action to keep goals on track. Monthly operations reviews & daily front line reviews are a common way that organizations track progress. It is a two-way communication, reflection, and timely correction process, that keeps all the people at all levels involved in the execution and chasing the progress.


Contents of the Topic:

  • Traditional Organization Approach
  • Hoshin Model
  • Difference
  • Methodology
  • Practice Example


Benefits of the Topic:

  • It aligns people and actions to the true “North Star”
  • It identifies and prioritizes the business-critical issues and deselects the unimportant
  • It generates synergies via teamwork and broader perspective
  • Each part of the organization becomes aware of the effect of its own actions on every other part.
  • Cross-functional learning is fast-tracked
  • It builds confidence in the plan knowing every facet has been empirically considered leading more effectiveness in achieving actual goals


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