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Planned Maintenance

About the Topic:

Planned Maintenance is the third pillar of TPM and aims to achieve zero breakdowns. It follows a structured

approach to establish a management system that extends the equipment reliability at optimum cost.

The Planned Maintenance pillar activities are normally led by the maintenance team. The initial phase prioritizes equipment and involves evaluating current maintenance performance and costs to set the focus for the pillar activity. Support is provided to the Autonomous Maintenance pillar to establish a sustainable standard basic condition and the team focusses on eliminating the causes of breakdowns. Information management systems are used to provide detailed data on the maintenance process and the use of spares. The team identifies the optimum approach to maintaining the equipment, starting with a Periodic Maintenance (Time-Based Maintenance) system before introducing Predictive Maintenance (Condition-Based Maintenance) systems where they are appropriate and cost-effective. Finally, the team drive continuous improvement of the process, eliminating reactive activities and assuring machine reliability


Contents of the Topic

  • Purpose Of Planned Maintenance
  • Elements Of Planned Maintenance
  • 10 Tips For Breakdown Analysis
  • Steps Involved in PM
  • Activities to improve MTBF
  • Activities to improve MTTR


Benefits of the Topic:

  • Be able to reduce the cost of maintenance
  • Be able to improve the efficiency of the maintenance team
  • Be able to considerably reduce unplanned downtime
  • Be able to contribute to improved quality of process & Product


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