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Office Lean

About the Topic:

The office part in any organization enables the core processes by providing administrative and other functional support like HR, design, quality, purchase, etc. Every process or procedure in providing the products or services has checks and balances as well as a well-documented paperwork trail. Any waste in the office system can cause delays, customer dissatisfaction, and escalate costs.

A Lean Office ensures that all processes support the core processes and that they are completed without errors, on time, and at optimal cost. It focuses on improving the business processes to maximize customer value through the elimination of anything that does not add value ie process waste. The lean office is not just a business strategy for manufacturing, but a proven way of managing the services of an organization, enabling it to continuously improve quality, productivity, delivery while reducing lead times & costs.


Contents of the Topic:

  • What is Lean Office
  • 8 Waste in Office
  • Office Lean tools & techniques
  • Application of office lean tools and techniques


Benefits of the Topic:

  • Understand how to eliminate waste in office processes
  • Understand how to standardized business processes
  • Understand how to create fasten service delivery timeframes
  • Be able to improve service quality and accuracy
  • Be able to reduce complexity and redundancy
  • Be able to optimize processes in support functions
  • Be able office reduce no of documents & hand-offs in a process
  • Be able to reduce the process lead time by 50%
  • Be able to reduce item search time by 50%
  • Be able to improve space utilization by 30%


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