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Lean Leadership


Research states that 50% of all improvement initiatives fail due to a lack of effective & efficient leadership.

Leadership means keeping the team focused on true north and channelizing the combined efforts of team members to achieve larger goals and develop new leaders.

A Lean Leader leads very differently – he/ she builds robust, sensible systems and processes that cascade responsibility & enable people to work effectively and without waste of their time and effort.

Lean Leadership is not a status or an authority it exists in the organization at many different ranks – they can be the hourly shop floor employee, the purchase manager, the warehouse supervisor, all the way to the CEO. The focus is more on enhancing trust, developing people, and striving for continuous improvement. They are the people in an organization who are committed to making a difference. They are committed to doing whatever is necessary to improve the situation.


  • Why the leadership development program fails!
  • Aligning purpose, process, and people
  • What is ‘Lean Leader’?
  • What makes a Lean Leader different from a ‘normal’ leader? 
  • What are the attributes of a lean leader?
  • Lean leadership checklist



  • Develop Lean thinking
  • Leadership development at 3-levels
  • Understanding and fostering teamwork
  • People development
  • Problem-solving by everyone
  • Ordinary people deliver extraordinary results
  • Achieving business excellence


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