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Lean & 8 Wastes

About the Topic:

Lean is a practical methodology of applying scientific & objective techniques in any process so that the work can be performed with minimum non-value adding activities. Lean is one of the initiatives that many major businesses have adopted over the years so as to remain competitive in an increasingly global market.


The concepts behind Lean manufacturing originated in Toyota Motors and therefore has been extensively been used by the automotive & allied companies. But in the last two decades, it has been widely used in electronics, white goods, aerospace, and consumer products manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, construction, services, and many other industries as well.


Lean thinking focuses on eliminating non-value-added activities i.e. waste in the processes such as waiting time, motion time, set-up time, and WIP inventory to improve customer satisfaction.


Contents of the Topic:

  • Lean & its Principles
  • Concept of Value addition & Non value addition
  • The 8 waste
  • Lean tools & techniques


Benefits of the Topic:

  • Learn Lean manufacturing methodology
  • Be able to identify waste in any given process
  • Be able to identify opportunities to improve productivity, quality and customer satisfaction
  • Be able to understand how to create a stable workflow based on customer demand
  • Be able to identify actual problems and gradually eradicate them 
  • Become a lean thinker for building a stable organization that constantly improves


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