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Kaizen & 5 S

About the Topic:

Kaizen is the Japanese management philosophy of Continual Improvement towards achieving perfection. Though Kaizen is one of the pillars of the legendary Toyota Production System, it can be applied in both professional and personal life. It is a step by step approach which aims towards enabling an individual to be able to make a big change in his/her work. Kaizen is all about elimination the non-value adding activities ie waste in any process through a systematic & standardized method by involving all employees.

Kaizen is a powerful method for engaging and enabling people to solve the problems and get them along to make better products and services. It is achieved by applying various Lean tools & techniques in a team-based approach to create a safe and evolving organization.

5S is a systematic & standardized method of becoming organized through both individual and collective efforts. 5S is a five-step tool for keeping a workstation and the organization in order. It has five steps, Sorting, Systematic Arrangement, Spic & Span, Standardize & Self Discipline. The ultimate outcome of 5S is making the life of people at the work-place, easier & joyful.


Contents of the Topic:

  • What is Kaizen
  • Kaizen Principles
  • What is 5 ’S’
  • Application of 5S


Benefits of the Topic:


For Training & implementation connect with us at ppp@vedzen.com or call us at +91 73854 30960


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For training & implementation connect with us at ppp@vedzen.com or call at +91 7385430960

  • Understand Kaizen & its principles  
  • Be able to initiate a Kaizen event in your organization
  • Become a Kaizen thinker to constantly improve your organization
  • Gain conceptual clarity on Kaizen & 5S to be able to train others
  • Enhance your 5S skill to, be able to talk 5S, and also walk 5S
  • Gain a working knowledge of 5S, to be able to implement in your organization
  • Understand diverse applications of 5S in different environments
  • Be able to reduce item search time by 50%
  • Be able to improve space utilization by 30%

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