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Embracing a lean approach in Construction Industry's safety practices.


The construction industry is well known for being one of the most dangerous field of work. Trends say, one in ten construction professional gets injured every day. Recently in Pune, construction labour sleeping in their hutments after work died due to collapsing of a retaining wall and cases were registered against the builders & site staff for negligence.


The Statistics of accident in construction sector in India is really alarming. In fact it is nearly 4-5 time higher than other sectors, such as manufacturing. The accidents that happened in 2019 – 47 % of deaths were related to Construction and Transportation. The top causes of construction fatalities also called the “Fatal Four” are:

  • 39.20 % due to falls
  • 8.2 % due to struck by an object
  • 7.3 % due to electrocution
  • 5.1 % due to caught in or between object

We as Lean consultants for construction industry believe in finding the root causes of both regular and chronic problems. A person working at a construction site gets exposed to two types of hazards:

  • Hazards from surrounding activities and environment = these exist because of the design, or the schedule that may expose the person to hazards caused by near-by activities
  • Poor housekeeping is another major source of hazards from the surrounding
  • Hazards due to the way a task is performed - such hazards exist because of the design, the selected method e.g., moving heavy objects by hand

Construction must be worry-free. It must part ways on a daily basis with the 3 Ds – Difficult tasks, Dangerous & Dirty conditions.


We help organisations improve by enabling them develop their work plans & procedures that reduce and/or control hazards. We enhance employee’s skills in identifying & communicating the hazards, so that in case a hazard is identified, the team leader and its crew performs the tasks in the safest way.


How Vedzen will help you to accomplish your goals through Lean Safety?


Over the years, we have educated, trained & implemented best safety practices aiming at zero accident culture. Recently we celebrated the annual Safety week from Mar 4 to Mar 8. Here are some of the Lean tools & techniques on which we trained the participants:

  • 6S - Maintaining spic & span workplace. Creating safe working condition by following standards & self-discipline
  • Kaizen approach – Identifying opportunity for continual improvement through Tool box talk & Site walks (Gemba Walk)
  • Tool box talk – Work centre team members (8-10) gather in the workplace at the start of the meeting. One member has a booklet of safety instructions like Do’s and Don’ts in bullet points related to that specific work centre. Each card also will have 3 questions printed at the backside to test the knowledge of worker. Following three questions are asked to ensure zero accident condition and find opportunity for continual improvement. 1) Was there any incidence in the last one month related to that activity and what was that? 2) Do you have any suggestion to correct or improve safety instruction for that activity? 3) Do you find any difficulty in following the Dos and Don’ts instruction?
  • Site walk (Gemba Walk) – Site walk by top management, managers to ensure staff uses PPE, standards are followed by the staff and to find opportunity for continual improvement
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis (HIRA)- It is a collective term that encompasses all activities involved in identifying hazards and evaluating risk at facilities, throughout their life cycle, to make certain that risks to employees, the public, or the environment are consistently controlled within the organization’s risk tolerance. It helps in Identifying dirty, difficult and dangerous working conditions to improve shaded area.


If you wish to improve safety in organisation or want to adopt best safety practices, write to info@vedzen.com


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