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Daily Management

About the Topic:

Every Manager wants to execute his/ her day well and not just spend time in day-to-day fire-fighting. He/ she prefers to spend time thinking, planning, managing, and improving his/ her workplace systems & processes very effectively and efficiently.

Daily management is a system that helps the managers and their organizations to deliver customer value through proper support and leadership by enabling to those who are closest to the process (internal customers and process owners). It is a management structure that facilitates the improvement process and glues the lean initiatives together.

The key element to managing daily work is focused on the process since any deviation from the standard will not lead to getting the desired results. Daily management aligns both, the people on shop floor people and in support functions to communicate and control the process as per the standards and plans. It enables the development of a team-based mindset for effective problem solving and continuous improvement.


Contents of the Topic:

  • What is Daily Management
  • Elements of Daily Management
  • Application of DM tools & techniques


Benefits of the Topic:

  • Understand the principles of daily management
  • Understand the need for standards in managing daily work
  • Understand how to facilitate the improvement process
  • Be able to plan the daily management initiative
  • Be able to solve problems efficiently
  • Be able to develop a team-work mindset among people
  • Be able to drive continuous improvement initiatives


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