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Autonomous Maintenance

About the Topic:

Autonomous Maintenance is an important pillar in Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

Autonomous maintenance, or operator preventive maintenance, is focused on developing operators’ skills to routinely maintain equipment and identify any potential issues or problems.  With this in mind, the goal to achieve autonomous maintenance is growing to reduce the risk associated with downtime or broken machinery, while also improving productivity and extending the lifetimes of equipment

Autonomous Maintenance is preventing “Machine Deterioration (Natural/ Artificial) by Making Operator Competent for resolving minor abnormalities to fulfill the following objectives as,

  • Develop equipment competently and process conscious Operators
  • Develop Operators to “Detect abnormalities” and then to “Sense abnormalities”
  • Develop Operators as Autonomous Managers of Machines

Autonomous Maintenance follows 7 steps. We will focus on training on 3 steps as follows,

  • Initial Cleaning, Lubrication, Inspection & Tightening (CLIT)
  • Countermeasures for Sources of Problems and Difficult Locations wrt CLIT
  • Establishing Tentative Standards for Autonomous Maintenance wrt CLIT

As these first 3 steps are the foundation for this pillar & rest are the standardization training


Contents of the Topic:

  • Why TPM & Pillars of TPM
  • Autonomous maintenance mindset change
  • Autonomous maintenance objectives & goals
  • Understanding 16 losses which affect equipment availability
  • Understanding & finding 7 types of abnormalities
  • Autonomous maintenance steps – Focus on 3 steps
  • Different audits for passing each step
  • One Point lessons for making operator qualification
  • Dashboard for autonomous maintenance includes key process indicators


Benefits of the Topic:

Significant gains in the following objectives in Delivery, Quality, Cost, Safety, Motivation as follows,

  • Reduction in minor breakdowns by 80+%
  • Reduction in abnormalities by 20+%
  • Improvement in equipment availability
  • Reduction in near-miss accidents /Reportable Accidents)
  • Empowered motivated staff & workforce
  • Reduction of machine part defects by


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