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Improve your knowledge & skills with the Lean Leadership Workshop

Shainin DOE Tools

One Day Workshop @ Suzlon Learning Center, Hadapsar, Pune

Date: 29th April, 2016

Ask yourself these questions:


Shainin DOE Tools

These are simple and user friendly Tools to solve chronic manufacturing problems to achieve radical improvements. The tools were developed & perfected by Dorian Shainin who was a consultant and advisor for various industries in America & Europe. Shainin’s philosophy is that, "don't let the engineer do the guessing, let the parts do the talking." The focus of this methodology is to emphasize on the value of empirical data in solving real world problems. These tools help to determine and track down the important factors causing variations through a process of eliminating unimportant factors. These Tools are highly effective in pin-pointing towards the root cause & validating it. The basic assumption while conducting the experiments is to focus on the vital few parameters which create the problem.

Shainin Methodology is a scientific way of collecting statistical data by conducting number of experiments with minimum efforts to find ways improve the process. It uses graphical methods and involves working with small sample sizes to expose the truth that is in part and not the “design”. Our approach starts with collecting data from the line without disturbing the production. The data is analysed offline. This is done without using fancy mathematics or statistics. To be able to analyse you just need to know the basics – count, add, subtract, multiply etc. The implementation of Shainin’s Techniques involves designing experiments which results in removing the ambiguity about whether the cause is creating problem or not creating problem.

The typical Shainin Tool Basket for finding root cause are Multivari Analysis, Paired Comparison, Component Search, Process Parameter Search, Concentration Chart, Variable search, Scatter plot, Better Vs Current etc. These tools are universally applicable in wide range of sectors and industries.

Why Shainin DOE!

  • No complex mathematics, statistics and big jargons
  • Line Engineers become able to analyse the data
  • Helps you identify the sources of variation clearly
  • Does not allow any ambiguity in the decision making process
  • Teams find these tools easier to use day-in, day out

Some of benefits gained from implementation of the tools:

  • Solutions for chronic problems
  • Identify and eliminate root cause(s) that create problems
  • Deductions based on Data, No Engineering Judgement needed
  • Develop a structured way for problem solving to save time and energy
  • Reduction in defects and increase in reliable products
  • Levels less than 60ppm can be achieved within few months
  • Optimized processes which reduce cost of poor Quality
  • Improvement in financial parameters like ROI, market share etc.

Who Should Attend!

The Participants of the workshop shall be individuals responsible for a Team and the Teams that collaborate and provide services for a customer viz: FUNCTIONAL HEADS, PRODUCTION ENGINEERS AND MANAGERS, OPERATIONS, LINE MANAGERS, QUALITY, DESIGN & ENGINEERING, PLANNING, MAINTAINNANCE, and SUPERVISIORS etc.

About the Workshop:

Methodology: 40 % Theoretical Input - 60 % Practical Input interspersed with interactive games, simulations and hands-on activities validated by practitioners from various companies who would share the benefits reaped by them. You become able to implement the tools as well as share the gains. Our practitioners are available all the time to assist you in the project. They can be contacted over phone or email for guidance

lean six sigma projects in puneWhat am I going to get from this Workshop?

  • Organizations will get Lean Champions for implementation
  • Fact learning through real time Case Studies
  • Gain conceptual clarity
  • Learn from the practitioners’ (practical insights – industry specific)
  • See the results for themselves on the spot
  • Be able to implement in their facility
  • Be able to train more people in their company
  • Course material - Handbook with the course tutor
  • Case Studies of implementation presented by various companies
  • Certificate as Lean Coordinators
  • Snacks and Lunch etc.


Mr Jotiram Jadhav is Lean Practitioner at Vedzen Institute.

  • He has more than 25 years of diverse industrial experience, including international exposure, with leading Indian & Multi National Automobile and Process Equipment Manufacturing organizations, in the field of Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Quality & Project Management.
  • He is Mechanical Engineer from VJTI, Mumbai and Master of Material Science from Pune University. He is also a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • He is a Lead Auditor in ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ASNT Level II – LPT, MPI,UT,RT
  • He provides training & on field support for understanding, implementing, practicing and sustaining  ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 fundamentals & Requirements, Fundamentals of Lean & Six Sigma, Lean Tools: 5 ‘S’, Kaizen, VSM, JIT, Kanban, SMED, Pokayoke, Visual Factory,etc
  • He also provides training on Environment, Health & Safety Management: ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Your Investment: 

  • INR 6000/- plus Service Tax (14.5%) per participant 
  • 5% discount for two or more participants from same organization 
  • Pre-registration and Pre-payment is essential for participation!! ​

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