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We are committed to an early and total eradication of all wasteful practices at the client's. We focus on making improvements by finding solutions to chronic issues of the organisation. We hand-hold the clients with the commitment to help achieve the set targets, in finding solutions for them through empowered team work, and streamlining processes with impeccable systems in place to make the processes self regulate, efficient and effective.

We develop the ability to make substantial differences in individuals and organisations. The focuses, first, on being able to see the waste (non-value adding activities) in processes and then gradually eliminating them. ​The customer won't pay for the waste but only the "value" that is being added to the products. This can be achieved through instilling a culture of continual improvement that challenges the management thinking about the "how to" of designing and managing organisations in order to improve performance.

The implementation of these techniques results in impprovements in quality thereby reduction in cost, ​gains in productivity and on time delivery, reduction in reworks and operational wastes.

About Us

  • We focus on improving process efficiency and effectiveness
  • Our objective is to teach you to become self-sufficient in learning, problem solving, and driving continuous improvement
  • We will have achieved that goal when you can maintain your own desired pace of improvement without us
  • We support/ train you in problem analysis, solution implementation involving Cross Functional Team projects, and management coaching
  • Our work is customised to your specific needs.
  • We work closely with you to jointly uncover gaps, create solutions, and implement 
  • We are a network of experienced practitioners with extensive knowledge of how to best implement what we teach

Vedzen is famous to endure the best six sigma implementation to your company in Pune & India

We give you the best six sigma implementation and lean kaizen management in Pune

We are rebranding ourselves, is now Proud to present our new identification : It shows our commitment to top-down and bottom-up approach, completing inverting the pyramid to propose more equity to the front line team and also to impress the idea of total employee involvement. The three colors are different paradigm/s that affect our perception of reality, so when we conduct our drive of

six sigma implementation in pune

we work on the White Color as the unified expression of all people i.e. being inclusive and holistic. We work for World Class Excellence.


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