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Reactive Maintenance: Maintenance activities that are performed after a piece of equipment breaks as opposed to planned maintenance.

Red Flag Condition: A situation in which the probability that errors will happen is high.

Red Tag Auction: A means of checking whether red tagged items are required by anyone in the company.

Red Tag Holding Area: A temporary storage area to hold items that are declared unwanted by the teams conducting a Red Tag Campaign. This area is marked by a red coloured boundary.

Red Tag Record Sheet: A sheet used to record the tags put, evaluate their tentative value and to account for final disposal.

Red Tagging: A technique used during the 1S phase of the 5S program.

Re-engineering: The engine that drives Time-Based Competition. To gain speed, firms must apply the principles of re-engineering to rethink and redesign every process and move it closer to the customer.

Resource Utilization: Using a resource in a way that increases throughput.

Return: Material returned by Customer to Supplier is called 'return'. Return is an important Process in SCOR Model of Supply Chain Management. Return Material Flow is handled by Reverse Logistics Management.

Return on Investment (ROI): Profit from an investment as a percentage of the amount invested.

Root Cause Analysis: A process of identifying problems in an organization, finding their causes and creating the best solutions to keep them from happening again.

RTY: (Rolled Throughput Yield) A metric that measures the probability that a process will be completed without a defect occurring.

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