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Quality Circles: These are quality improvement or self improvement study groups composed voluntarily by a small number of employees.

Quality Function Deployment (QFD): A visual decision-making procedure for multi-skilled project teams which develops a common understanding of the voice of the customer and a consensus on the final engineering specifications of the product that has the commitment of the entire team. QFD integrates the perspectives of team members from different disciplines, ensures that their efforts are focused on resolving key trade-offs in a consistent manner against measurable performance targets for the product, and deploys these decisions through successive levels of detail. The use of QFD eliminates expensive back flows and rework as projects near launch.

Quick Changeover: The ability to change tooling and fixtures rapidly (usually minutes), so multiple products can be run on the same machine.

QC Tools: These are analytical tools for quality control. The seven tools of quality control are Pareto Chart, Histogram, Process Flow Diagram, Check Sheet, Scatter Diagram, Control Charts and Run Charts.

QCDSM: A system for measuring quality outputs in terms of Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety & Morale.

Queue Time: The time a product spends in a line awaiting the next design, order processing, or fabrication step.

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