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Man-Machine Chart: Study of time taken by machine and man to complete a given manufacturing/production task. It is useful in the allocation of manpower to differ machines.

Market Place: An area where materials are stocked in a supermarket system.

Method Study: The study of a process by analysing the different operations required to complete its different aspects.

Mistake Proofing: Any change to an operation that helps the operator reduce or eliminate mistakes.

Motion-stop method: An error proofing method that involves checking to make sure that actions are performed in the correct sequence.

MRP: Refers to the Materials Requirement Planning.  This is done after Master Production Schedule has been prepared. MRP & BOM are together used to workout the component level planning.

MTBF: Mean Time Between Failures.

MTTR: Mean Time To Repair.

Muda: Anything that interrupts the flow of products and services through the value stream and out to the customer is designated Muda or waste. Anything that does not add value is also called MUDA.

Mura: Japanese word for irregularity or variability.

Muri: Japanese word for strain or difficulty.

Multi-Skilling: A person having many skills enabling flexible work conditions.

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