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A Report

Lean Kaizen Mela Gemba Owners 2016

20th February, 2016 @ Suzlon Excellence Academy, Hadapsar, Pune

Lean Kaizen Mela Gemba Owners is the starting point of a journey, especially for the front-line members of the industrial society to share and learn the Best practices of Operational Excellence. Gemba is a Japanese word for the Work-place. In Industrial terminology Gemba Owner refers to the people who work on the shop floor. The theme for this year, the 3rd edition of the Mela was "Engage All to Stay Ahead". The event endorsed the usage of Vernacular Language - Hindi and Marathi encouraging the participants to come forward and communicate freely. Taking the tradition ahead Vedzen Institute organized the Mela was at Suzlon Excellence Academy, Pune on 20th February, 2016 with the participation of workers as well as management representatives from various industries to compete and witness an exciting Case Study Competition. The event began with the lighting of the ceremonious lamp to awaken the wisdom within oneself. Anup Gandhi, Vishwas Fadtare, Ravi Kapoor & Sanat Sankrityayan, Principal Practitioners at Vedzen acted as the graceful hosts. The event was kick started by offering the honourable guests with a Sapling and inviting them to take their seats on the dais. 

Opening Session

The Chief Guest of the event, Shri Milind Wagle, GM Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Burckhardt Compression India Pvt Ltd. Mr Wagle shared his O journey towards business excellence. He pointed out that fact that the involvement of society is as crucial as engaging people in the organisation in order to sustaining in the long term. He shared that the Front-line teams are showing us that we have a great opportunity to maximize value creation at our Gemba, and that we all are taking part in an exciting learning journey in which the acquisition and deployment of new capabilities will result in better outcomes for our customers and for everybody in the business.

Front line members are becoming competent in maintaining or sustaining the level of activities carried out and take the machines to higher level of maintenance activities. Being able to freely communicate and understand clearly-defined goals, problems and end results, the Front line meet the expectations more accurately. 80% of problems in organizations have nothing to do with strategic planning or accounting - but rather with faulty communications, people's inability to understand how they and others function, failure to see matters from someone else's perspective, and failure to grasp the impact of one's actions on others. At the end of his presentation he called out to find a way to produce superior products/services and also give people real respect. The challenges that can be created for every worker to become a problem solver to improve the work around them and to serve their customers and focus on becoming self-reliant. How to become self-reliant!

Panel Discussion on the theme "Engaging All to stay Ahead"

Sanat Sankrityayan, Principal Practitioner at Vedzen moderated the panel discussion. The focal point of discussion was "How can we then drive an inclusive programme to stay ahead of others?" Given that money is no longer an impediment neither is the Technology. People were the advantage earlier, whereas the Skillset they have is the new mantra of differentiation today. The members of the panel were:

  • Mr Jayant Kamat, Head of operations, Foseco India Pvt Ltd
  • Sanjay Bharne, AGM-Lean and Strategy projects, Tranter India Pvt Ltd
  • Vinaya Ket, Dynamic Environment, Health & Safety Professional
  • Balasaheb Ladkat, Quality Assurance Manager, Pegasus Properties

The discussion highlighted that filling up the Skill gap is not just about disseminating technical training, or about knowledge and experience. It is more about constructing new "initiatives" to include the much needed "skills" among its employees. It is also about individuals learning new things, acquire better skills, mould the old neural wiring to circuit up the brighter future. Multicultural Workforce is common these days, where every factory is populated by people of a varied ethnicity. Their belief systems are merged when they eat at one canteen, wear a similar uniform. Follow the same Vision, it ignites their passion to align by the Org. We should become tolerant and accommodative in the multicultural environment we work today.

Training Film & Book Launch

A Training Film on One Piece Flow was launched at the mela which aims to train Lean and Kaizen enthusiasts on its objectives in daily production. It highlights the benefits of implementing "One Piece Flow" with real examples taken from companies like ZF Steering & Gear, Toyota Kirloskar etc. The films comprises examples on concepts like Heijunka, Mizusumashi, Continuous flow, videos from the shop-floor, animations to describe concepts of flow, waste etc. A pocket book on Kaizen in Marathi language was also released at the Mela written by our own Principal Practitioner, Vishwas Fadtare. The book is pocket sized and aims towards creating awareness among the people on the Gemba thereby developing a habit of reading. The book is meant to be a guide to educate people on the philosophy of Kaizen and it Kaizen tools such as 5S. The book also contains lessons on Kaizen & 5S with pictures, steps of 5S with benefits of implementing it and 13 stories related to Lean Kaizen concepts amalgamated with spiritual learning.  

Case Study Competition

Like each year, the Case Study Competition was the major attraction of the Mela. 33 Case Studies contested for the cash prizes and the Gold Trophy.  The competition was split in three rooms with two judges appraising each case study in each hall. The panel of Judges then came together to announce the ranks. When the results were announced later in the evening, the following companies were awarded with trophies:

Case Study Competition Results



Case Study

1st Prize

Mukand Ltd, Mumbai

Eliminate dent mark on Coil

2nd Prize

Tafe Tractors and Motors, Bhopal

OEE Improvement in Paint Shop

3rd Prize

JCB India Ltd, Pune (2 Teams)

Leakage elimination from Hydraulic Tank Adapter joint by change in design;

To reduce per machine cost through Paint Optimization and reduction in paint consumption

The Case Studies were assessed by the panel of honorable judges, viz.

  • Jotiram Jadhav, Lean Consultant
  • Satish Tawade, Manager Mukand Ind
  • Sunil Khedkar, Lean Consultant and Auditor
  • Vishwas Fadtare, Principal Practitioner
  • Kiran Salke, Lean Consultant
  • Vinaya Ket, Environment Management Representative, Jayshree Polymers
  • Shrikant Ket, Project Lead (Aerospace ES&C Products) Eaton Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Kishore Karve, Lean Consultant
  • HV Chavan, Labour Laws Expert

We thank each one of you for your time, hard work and persistent support extended to us and the participants in during the Mela. 23 Companies participated in the Mela and we are sharing the Cases in a LKGO CD, one for with every participant. This CD also contains the LKM GO Concept Note, slideshows by esteemed guests, Photographs of the Mela etc. We have posted the photographs on our social media platforms. We request you to get in touch with us for assistance. In any case, you may contact us on  
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