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Improve your knowledge and skills with the Lean Leadership Workshop

The improved ways in Production techniques have set leading roles for individuals in the midst of the competitive pressures growing in the industry. The government as well as the organisations have set up missions with strategic & holistic measures to become World Class. To become the best, gain market share and customer satisfaction, one needs to react faster and with accuracy to make breakthrough achievements. Processes need to be synchronized across all the operations with continual efforts towards developing simple solutions across all levels. There's an imminent need for a progressive focus to combat these problems and grow the business.

It is well known that Lean, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement philosophies have solved many problems of the industry. Organizations are now willing to change and improve in order to flourish in this competitive and aggressive market economy. The way we operate and function has become most important feature to gain the benefits of this economic system.

Against this backdrop, Vedzen Institute announces the 3rd Lean Leadership Workshop for Managers, Executives, and Supervisors & Individuals to become experts on the fundamentals of Lean-Kaizen. This certification course aims to update the knowledge and skills to drive your organisation towards Business Excellence. The Lean Leadership Workshop in Pune starts on 29th April, 2016



Training Event




Shainin DOE Tools

29 April, Friday 

Jotiram Jadhav


Jishu Hozen - TPM Pillar

27 May, Friday

Kiran Salke


Low Cost Automation

22 July, Friday

Kishore Karve


A3 Structured Problem Solving

12 August, Friday

Anup Gandhi


Vendor Improvement Program

21 October, Friday

Kishore Karve


Zero Break down through My Machine

16 December, Friday

Kiran Salke


Hoshin Kanri - Policy Deployment

17 February, Friday

Sanat Sankrityayan

The workshop is beneficial for both the individual and the company as there is a significant growth in roles like Lean Champions, Kaizen Coordinators, Lean Manager, Value Stream Manager, or Cell Leaders. Your organisation too must be practicing Six Sigma, TPM, TQM, or any Operational Excellence technique.

Here a chance to upgrade & couple your experience with this certification and become eligible for better roles in current as well as future organisations. Click here to see the Brief of tools in the workshop.

Why get certified!

Lean management has proven to be a philosophy as well as a science. For every science you need to investigate, observe, compare and predict to build your capacity to derive exact conclusions. This certification will help you to acquire the skills and knowledge to fulfil the needs in the field of management. The workshop is beneficial for people from executive down to frontline to enhance growth and tackle competitiveness in this economic scenario.

Lean thinking began with Toyota Production system. Toyota, the Japanese car manufacturers developed the Lean concepts to improve their production system. Since then, Lean has been adapted by industries all over the world to improve Customer Service, Staff Morale, Quality, Delivery, Productivity, and Reduce Costs, improve Internal Communication & Co-operation.

Lean systems, philosophies and tools are now being practiced by manufacturing, healthcare, services, construction, IT and government organizations around the world. We have innovative technology in everything around us. Banks too have reduced lending rates to catch borrowers in this fiercely competitive economy changing the face of both operations and management.

What matters is how you are doing it Successful implementation of Lean concepts lets you do what's needed ensuring the right thing is being delivered, at the right time, at the right quality, and in the right amount, to meet your customers needs. A series of linked steps of the tasks that you do is called a process. These steps when linked together reveal the opportunities to make improvements.

In this workshop you will learn the tools and techniques of lean implementation along with their applications from the practitioners. Here's your chance to develop the skills to take the right action at the right time. Apart from teaching the lean tools, our focus is to impart hands-on experience with these tools to enable you to implement Lean concepts in your organization across the value chain. At the end of the workshop, you'll have the opportunity to submit a case study on actual implementation of the tool.

Who should attend?


For both experienced professionals and entry level executives who want to learn the intricacies of Lean Management System and want to excel in managing projects and advance their careers.

  • Production, Operations, Planning, Purchase, Quality, Maintenance, Industrial Engineering, Process Excellence, Supply Chain, Suppliers, Managers, Supervisors Executives, Continuous Improvement Leaders, Value Stream Managers and all Change Agents.


About the workshop:


  • The Workshops will be presented by Practitioners who provide implementation, training and hand holding consulting assistance on Lean-Kaizen and Six Sigma for Clients from Manufacturing, Construction and Healthcare and Services.
  • Methodology: 40 % Theoretical Input - 60 % Practical Input interspersed with interactive games, simulations and hands-on activities validated by practitioners from various companies who would share the benefits reaped by them.
  • The programs are spread over a year, you will get enough time to implement the tools as well as share the gains. Our practitioners are available all the time to assist you in the project. They can be contacted over phone or email for guidance

What am I going to get from this Workshop?

  • Eight lectures with 56 hrs. of knowledge content.
  • Organizations will get Lean Champions for implementation.
  • Fact learning through real time Case Studies.
  • Gain conceptual clarity.
  • Learn from the practitioners (practical insights - industry specific).
  • See the results for themselves on the spot.
  • Be able to implement in their facility.
  • Be able to train more people in their company.

What's included?

  • Course material - Handbook with the course tutor.
  • Case Studies of implementation presented by various companies.
  • Certificate as Lean Coordinators.
  • Snacks and Lunch etc.

Your Investment: 

  • INR 6000/- plus Service Tax (14.6%) per participant.
  • 5% discount for two or more participants from same organization.
  • Pre-registration and Pre-payment is essential for participation!!

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Sanat Sankrityayan, Principal Practitioner


Piyush Pandey, Lean Practitioner


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