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Lean Certification Course

Learn Lean to become Lean change agents

The learning of the Lean Kaizen tools is most effective at Gemba. However, academic interventions can not be left behind. The Lean Certification Course offers the academic backbone to the ever evolving Lean Kaizen concept. The course has been specially designed to facilitate learning for the working professional who have acute inclination towards the Lean Kaizen tools and Lean construction concepts but never have been able to find a right platform to learn it. We intend to teach them the tools and then in return they act as the change agents in their respective companies pulling the Lean transformation further. 


The certification covers almost all the concepts in just three levels namely, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The levels have been divided on the basis of the rising complexity and the sequence of their application as per the lean transformation roadmap. Completing one level means one has taken one firm step in the thousand step journey of Lean Transformation. However, we emphasize on the practical implementation by the professional who come and learn. To facilitate the learning, we use audio visual method of imparting the training. We also play games to ease the adrenalin, and give hands on case studies to help professionals imbibe the learning faster. The level-wise course topics are given below: -

Lean Bronze Session Lean Silver Session Lean Gold Session
Introduction to Lean 1 Creating Continuous Flow 1 Supply Chain Management 2
Lean History - All Gurus - Demming, Ford, Toyoda, Taichi Ohno, Shingo, Masaki Imai 1 Advanced TPM (Step II & III) 2 Jidoka - Automation with human touch 1
Lean Manufacturing (7 Wastes) 1 J.I.T. Shojinka, One Piece Flow
Ref: JIT for Workers
2 Policy Deployment 2
Lean Office (Level I & II) 1 Advanced Quality Management
(Error proofing, Root Cause, A-3 Problem Solving
2 Target Costing & Value Engineering 1
Value Stream Mapping (Learning to See) 2 Advanced Office (Level III & Above) 1 Lean Leadership  1
Quality CEDAC, Cause & Effect 1        
Implementation Workshop 1        
Total Sessions 11 Total Sessions 11 Total Sessions 11

The Toyota Way is to be given to all participants for reference, reading material will be advised from time to time, however the Toyota Way by Jeffry Liker, Gemba Kaizen - a low cost approach to management by Masaaki Imai are recommended readings.  To elaborate on some of the salient features of this program, the participants also get a chance to see, act and learn in Gemba Kaizen Workshops. The workshops foster a team orientation in the participants. Additionally, the reading material is also provided along with world class presentation tips.

To assist in attaining the vision, the Lean Certification has been initiated for the member companies as well as all those who wish to adopt Lean. The faculty is from Vedzen Institute who are regular practitioners of Lean Kaizen. The admissions are open for all those who have genuine interest in Lean Kaizen. There is no restriction to people who are coming in for the first time and have not attended the Bronze and Silver levels. The other 2 levels can be learnt when it starts again after the completion of Gold. There are certificates awarded for those who complete the levels with certain level of proficiency. There are tests to judge the same.  Thermax, Praj, Wika, Suzlon Energy, Garware Wall Ropes, Seinumero, and Polybond are some of the companies which have already enrolled in and have appreciated the inputs. The participants from Thermax have even started leading the Lean transformation in their own work areas starting with 5S in boiler shop floor and office.


Lean management has proven to be a philosophy as well as a science. For every science you need to investigate, observe, compare and predict to build your capacity to derive exact conclusions. This certification will help you to acquire the skills and knowledge to fulfill the needs in the field of Lean Management.

The workshop is beneficial for people from executive down to frontline as Lean is the key to growth and competitiveness in this economic scenario.


40 % Theoretical Input - 60 % Practical Input interspersed with interactive games, simulations and hands-on activities validated by practitioners from various companies who would share the benefits reaped by them.

  • 11 lectures with 33 hrs. of knowledge content
  • Organizations will get Lean Champions for implementation
  • Fact learning through real time Case Studies
  • Gain conceptual clarity
  • Learn from the practitioners (practical insights - industry specific)
  • See the results for themselves on the spot
  • Be able to implement in their facility
  • Be able to train more people in their company


  • Course material - Handbook with the course tutor
  • Case Studies of implementation presented by various companies
  • Certificate as Lean Coordinators
  • Snacks and Lunch etc.


For both experienced professionals and entry level executives who want to learn the intricacies of Lean Management System and want to excel in managing projects and advance their careers.


  • For more details, contact Piyush - 7385430960 |  
  • 5% discount for two or more participants from same organization 
  • Pre-registration and Pre-payment is essential for participation!!

You may a sponsored candidate, however, we will make sure you get the value addition to your skills in the exchange with us.

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