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Lean and Kaizen Assessment And Diagnosis

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The Lean and Kaizen Assessment Diagnose Oriented Session

  • Determining the status of your organisation in comparison to "world class" organizations.
  • Identifying and prioritizing the areas where Lean-Kaizen effort is most required.


The assessment is done, typically, through a 3-day or 5-day consulting visit. During this visit, various data are gathered, studied and analyzed. These pinpoints areas of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement, the tools to be deployed & the roadmap.

A pre-requisite of this diagnostic assessment is the collection of certain data needed for the diagnosis. The diagnostic lean kaizen assessment Pune results in a report, roadmap indicating what to do, how & the ballpark financial benefits if Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen is implemented at your unit.

It is greatly advantageous to have top management personnel during the diagnosis; it ensures that Lean-Kaizen is oriented towards catalyzing the objectives and strategies of the organization.

Lean kaizen assessment and diagnosis services by Lean Manufacturing consultants.

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