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Gemba Kaizen Workshop - A focused collective approach towards World Class

Gemba Kaizen Workshop is a five day intensive workshop focused on making improvements by surfacing hidden problems, finding solutions for them through empowered teamwork and streamline processes with impeccable systems in place to make the projects self-regulated, efficient and effective. It is helpful in finding solutions to chronic issues of an organization. The GKW is an excellent culture building exercise which can transform the face of the organization and promote a high profile culture change. The Workshop will transform the organization into a "learning organization" through relentless reflection (Hansei) and continuous improvements (Kaizen).

The objective of a Gemba Kaizen Workshop (GKW) is to train a core group of people within the organization to acquire new "hands-on" skills/capabilities in implementing Lean tools and in turn multiply, as well as pass on the skills to other employees and sections. We play the triple roles of Team member, Guru and Coach has brought out the best in people as we believe that ordinary people can turn in extraordinary results given simple tools of "Kaizen".

Main Benefits

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Reduction in Processing time

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Increase in Efficiency

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Savings in Costs

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Reductions in Errors

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Release in Space

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Productivity Increase

Key Features

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Top Management Commitment

  • The most important ingredient for success of a Kaizen Workshop is 'Top Management Commitment'.
  • The Program must be introduced with a visible Commitment at the Top and subsequently at all levels.
  • The commitment must reflect the desire to strengthen the company's leading position through employee involvement and an intense focus on Lean Management.

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  • The formation of a team in a Workshop is very important
  • The teams chosen for the workshop must be cross functional, cross departmental and across hierarchies as Albert Einstein aptly puts it, "The significant problems we see cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.
  • Cross functional team brings in a variety of solutions from different levels through paradigm shifts (in most cases, the shifts in paradigms have to be induced by a Sensei, a Kaizen Practitioner or a Lean Champion).

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  • Respect for individual is evidenced through establishment of camaraderie between employees at all organizational positions.
  • The essence is to establish equality amongst all in the pursuit of common corporate goals.
  • Most of the times the best improvement ideas come from people who are considered the underbelly of the organization


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