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Gandhian Servant Leadership is simple and highly effective leadership principle practiced by Mahatma Gandhi.

This is a unique initiative of Shri DK Somaiya, Chief Mentor, DK Somaiya& Associates (DKSA), our sister concern based in Bangalore. 

Out of three, the most important challenge for an organisation is inspiring; motivating or having employees do their best. Businesses continue to spend millions in training for creating effective leaders. Even though Leadership/ Management has been a topic of research for decades, the question remains to be answered 

Why it continues to be an immense task when it comes to inspiring employees to give their best?

In the Indian context even though we do have a role model who is timeless and the best inspiring leader worldwide, we have failed to recognize him. Mahatma Gandhi’s principles are form of practice which has the ability to guide both individuals and organisations. In this turbulent economic age, the business must gear up to the challenge and adopt new methods by creating leaders for change.  

The Principles of Gandhian Servant Leadership (GSL) :

  • Absolute and self-managed cleanliness/ orderliness.
  • Dignity of physical labour.
  • Hatred for waste (includes talents).
  • Utmost respect for time in every activity.
  • Total Customer Orientation.
  • Walk through work areas to help / inspire employees.
  • Deep respect and Compassion for all. Treat employees also as customers.
  • Change yourself first. Lead by example.
gandhian servant leadership  principle

We, at Vedzen under the guidance of Somaiyaji, have helped organisations implement Gandhian Servant Leadership. We achieved phenomenal results through Total Employee Involvement with improvements in quality with cost reduction and on-time delivery; reduction in operational wastes of cost and time; gains in productivity, morale. The practice of GSL may set a new benchmark in Total Employee Involvement in the industrial world.

Our team of experts unleashes the creative potential of the employees by playing three roles, Team Member, Coach and Guru. We inspire ordinary people to become extra-ordinary in their life by training them on the Gandhian Servant Leadership principles. 

Why Gandhian Servant Leadership

A leader inspires his workplace and people to become excellent in their area of work. TaichiiOhnowith his meticulous ways invented Toyota Production System or Lean Manufacturing; Steve Jobs created Apple and revolutionized the industry with his team; JRD Tata, AzimPremji, Narayana Murthy, Walt Disney and numerous other leaders have motivated people and towards achieving excellence.

Gandhiji was a master motivator of people. Through his writings, speeches and deeds he showed the way people of India can attain mastery in life. His motto was simple, “Hands that help are holier than lips that advise.’ He advocated dignity of labour and led by example. He worked with his own hands; weaved, cleaned, and performed other forms of daily work. Along with practicing values like Satya and Ahinsa, he generated revolutionary ideas like Non-Cooperation Movement which inspired people to stopped British production, communicate and transport. People joined him constructively in Dandi March to become independent and produce salt on their own. Through Swadeshi Movement he inspired people to spin the Charkha and make their own clothes; to work with their own hands.These movements were a result of Gandhiji’smotivation which induced high self-esteem in citizen of Indi to become self-dependent. He led the people of India and united them as a nation to fulfill the goal of achieving independence. 

gandhian servent leadership

Gandhian Servant Leadership is a progressive approach towards making individuals and organizations achieve excellence.

LaxmanGole, Gandhian Practitioner at Vedzen led Project Parivartan which aims at transforming through Gandhian principles. Gandhiji through his dedication and passionate adherence to nonviolence has taught us to live by our ethical and moral values in times where they disappeared from the society. Project “Parivartan” is meant for cleaning “polluted minds” and inculcate ethics in business. Under this project, Gandhi Peace Exam is held across jails in Maharashtra where prisoners are evaluated on the teachings and Gandhian principles. Various sessions are held for prisoners in jails to inculcate the spirit of peace and communal harmony in their mind. Gandhian Principles are a need of the hour to lead our country towards progress. The principles are more relevant and necessary in today’s atmosphere where hatred, disharmony, violence and intolerance are spreading at an alarming rate and moral values are on a decline.The sessions are also attended by a number of foreign social workers, who are associated with Gandhian Philosophy and want to spread it across all regions.

Main Benefits of Implementing Gandhian Servant Leadership

The implementation of GSL has helped organisations achieve following results;

Improved productivity

Improved Quality

Improved One time Deliver

People will enjoy work more

Number of Kaizens:  X to 2 X

Improvement in Customer

Higher professional satisfaction

Become a role-model leader
in your company

Become part of a DKSA video
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Our Areas of Expertise (Tools and Techniques)

Gandhian Servant Leadership facilitates business benefits fits at a higher level when compared with existing leadership/management practices. GSL benefits are sustainable and realized sooner than expected. We eliminate barriers to change that prevent people from managing their work and earn the pride of workmanship. Our focused improvement workshops are designed to dynamically educate people for continual improvement.

We believe that transformation is everybody’s job. By inculcating GSL practices everybody in the organisation becomes in-charge of the transformation.

Customers Business General
An organisation practicing GSL is seen as and value based institution and not merely a business. It becomes able to create remarkable improvement in customer delight and loyalty. A business which operates on sound GSL Principles is bound to be extraordinary. GSL implementation sets a new paradigm for improved work culture and builds up the morale of the employees. With great respect and faith for their inspiring leaders, any individual or organisations is bound to be successful. Leaders create constancy of purpose in their actions.
The employees benefit from practicing the principles by setting an example of value based leadership for their own family. They begin deal with operational challenges creatively to and facilitate better cooperation amongst all stake-holders. GSL inspires leaders to contribute proactively. When employees are led from the front and their problems are solved actively, productivity helps achieve the required bottom-line. GSL becomes an integral part of a Lean, Kaizen or operational excellence thinking (absolute hatred for waste) leading to a sustainable and more profitable business model.


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