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Vedzen Institute is now a well-known brand in field of Lean Kaizen implementation in India. In our 2 decade journey we worked with more than 10 sectors and 50+ organizations in Lean-Kaizen implementation and developed 300+ lean leaders for Lean Kaizen Implementation. We have a vision of creating mini Japan in Pune. By mini Japan we mean, developing Lean-Kaizen organization that strives for creating Value from Customers point of view thereby reducing waste in the processes and making it capable with optimum needs.

In the Journey of developing Lean Kaizen Organization, there is a continuous demand from Pune industries for creating Lean Leaders for Business/Operational excellence, and with this mission Vedzen Institute has designed certain programs for Managers, Executives, Supervisorsand Individuals to become the expert on Lean-Kaizen and can drive the organization towards Business Excellence.

Our programs on developing Lean Leaders is an initiative to help organizations remove Complexity for Simplicity and align purpose, process and people thereby improving their engagement and empowerment down the line. Following picture gives the role of middle management and top management in developing the Lean-Kaizen Culture in Organization for creating Excellence. Through this program we are trying to create profound holistic knowledge in the Lean Leaders (Change Agent) in all aspects of Lean.

Lean Kaizen Mela (LKM)

It is a more than decade old program initiated in collaboration with the Deccan Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture Pune (DCCIA Pune) to share and learn the Lean Kaizen Practices adopted by various industries across sectors. The Lean Kaizen Mela is 2 day event where organisations participate to showcase their best practices through keynote sessions, Panel Discussion, Case Studies Plenary Sessions and Guided Factory Tours.
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Lean Kaizen Mela Gemba Owners (LKMGO)

Gemba Owners are the people working on the processes with hands-on involvement. They are also called

Front liners, Line Workers, and Operators etc. We call them Gemba Owners (Gemba = real place; Japanese). Westarted an exclusive edition of LKM for Gemba people, Lean Kaizen Mela Gemba Owners, to provide a platform for showcasing &developing the best of intrinsic talent of people. The highlight is the usage of Vernacular Language topromote the concepts across the Languages. The key feature of the conference is Case StudyCompetition, on improvement projects implemented by the Gemba Owners supplemented with Keynotesessions, Panel Discussion and Plenary Sessions.
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Lean Leadership Workshop (LLW)

Lean Management has proven to be a philosophy as well as a science. For every science you need to investigate, observe, compare and predict to build your capacity to derive exact conclusions. LLW is a certification which will help you acquire skills and knowledge to fulfill the needs in the field deploying of Lean Management principles, tools & techniques. The workshop is beneficial for people from executive down to frontline as Lean is the key to growth and competitiveness in this economic scenario. Participating in LLW will develop you as Lean Leaders to help you drive the organization towards Business Excellence.
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Lean Certification Course

The learning of the Lean Kaizen tools is most effective at Gemba. However, academic interventions cannot be left behind. The Lean Certification Course offers the academic backbone to the ever evolving Lean Kaizen concept. The course has been specially designed to facilitate learning for the working professional who have acute inclination towards the Lean Kaizen tools and concepts but never have been able to find a right platform to learn it. We intend to teach them the tools and then in return they act as the change agents in their respective companies pulling the Lean transformation further.

The certification covers almost all the concepts in just three levels namely, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The levels have been divided on the basis of the rising complexity and the sequence of their application as per the lean transformation roadmap. Completing one level means one has taken one firm step in the thousand step journey of Lean Transformation. However, we emphasize on the practical implementation by the professional who come and learn. To facilitate the learning, we use audio visual method of imparting the training. We also play games to ease the adrenalin, and give hands on case studies to help professionals imbibe the learning faster.

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