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Workshop on Zero Breakdown through My Machine

Piyush 2015-02-17

Zero Breakdown through My Machine, 10th May 2014

The third session of the Lean Leadership Workshop on Zero Breakdown through My Machine was held at Hotel Aurora Towers on 10th May 2014. The Workshop was attended by participants from Foseco India Pvt. Ltd, Baker Gauges India Pvt. Ltd, Kalyani Forge, RSB Transmission and Western India Forging Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Ajaykumar Darbastewar, COO Vedzen Institute and Mr Anup Gandhi, Principal Practitioner took the Workshop in four sessions. The participants were distributed Handbooks consisting reading material and sheets to work out the exercises.

The program was well organized by Ved Zen for the benefit of Lean Leaders in Industries waiting to take a big leap into the Leadership. It dealt with the breakdown and other related machine – productivity losses which can be addressed by implementing a concept “My Machine”. My Machine as a concept talks about empowering an operator to run and maintain his machine on its own, by understanding the cycles of Lubrication, Tightening and Cleaning.

The session mainly focused on understanding how the shop floor currently operates. It also gave them an insight to the new paradigm that would increase their capabilities to make changes happen across functional and departmental boundaries. At the end of the session the participants were asked to take a quiz to determine their understanding of the session. Everybody was able to answer the questions with questions referring their organizational processes.

My Machine is an Improvement program, involves defined concept of maintaining Plant and Equipment.

  • Starts with Machine 5S and builds foundation for My Machine with cross functional efforts.
  • Creates Ownership by Empowering and Expanding role of Operator as first point of early warning and prevention, Develops Professional Maintenance skills to take care of own machine.
  • Inculcate culture for not tolerating single abnormality and ensure participation by all departments.
  • Creates common understanding amongst all working members to align to common goal of continual improvement.
  • Creating comprehensive downtime database by cause, frequency, and duration.
  • Predicts and prevents downtime, including equipment planning, operating & maintenance departments.
  • Upgrading Structured Problem Solving skills to resolve issues from root cause and finding time for real value addition by all the concerned members.
  • Spares management system for timely availability of critical spares.
  • Reduction in changeover time and startup yield for performance enhancement.

The participants learned to identify the elements of maintenance that add no value to the product i.e. for identifying waste. This session focused on seeing how the maintenance processes perform and capturing what needs to improve.

Following are the important feature of the Workshop:

  1. The participants could define the sources of abnormalities.
  2. All of the participants committed to implement My Machine at their organization.
  3. Though a few of them were new to the concepts of Lean – Kaizen, they asked relevant questions and got their answers.
  4. The participants of the Workshop will now be presenting a Case Study based on the exercises given on the tool.
  5. At a very nominal cost we will visit these companies to help them in implementation of the tool thus virtually closing the loop.
  6. The participants went back confident and appreciated the concepts they learned in the sessions through Examples and Case Studies.

Well Done Anup Gandhi, Ajaykumar Darbastewar, Vishwas Fadtare, Sanat Sankrityayan, Sanket Shah and special thanks to Shri Yogesh Vaghani for coming in for the interviews.

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