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Workshop on Value Stream Mapping

Piyush 2015-02-17

Workshop on Value Stream Mapping

Lean Leadership Workshop 2014

12th April 14, 2014

The first session of the Lean Leadership Workshop on Value Stream Mapping was held at Hotel Aurora Towers on 12th April 14, 2014. Participants from Alfa Laval India Pvt. Ltd, Foseco India Pvt. Ltd, Baker Gauges India Pvt. Ltd and Western India Forging Pvt. Ltd. attended the Workshop.

Mr Yogesh Vaghani, Director, Vedzen Institute and Mr Ajaykumar Darbastewar, COO Vedzen Instituteconducted the Workshop in four study sessions during the day. The Handbooks were distributed as reading material. A Worksheet also was given for the value stream exercise.

The first session started with the introduction to Value Stream Mapping. They learnt how to follow the production path of a product from beginning to end. The session mainly focused on understanding how the shop floor operates in terms of Material and Information Flow. It also created an insight to increase their capabilities to make changes happen across functional and departmental boundaries. At the end of the first session, the participants took a quiz to determine their understanding of the topic. Everybody was able to answer the questions related to their organizational processes.

The second session began with participants learning to identify the product family; material flow and information flow to analyze the current production situation. Then they were taught to draw the Current state Map for a dummy company using VSM icons, by collecting data for Product Families and calculating the processing time and the lead-time for the company. The participants were quizzed again on their learning of the session.

In the third session the participants learnt to identify the elements of production that do not add any value to the product i.e identifying muda or process waste. This session focused on how to see the processes perform and capture the improvements. They were put through the creation of Production Supermarket, adding the signal Kanban for ‘even’ flow, do Load Levelling for the production line by calculating the pitch and Takt time and find the Kaizen Opportunities.

In the final Session the participants learnt how to draw Continuous flow and create a map for the Future State. This session mainly focused on identifying what process improvements will be necessary for leveling the production mix and identifying the single points in the production chain to trigger production, otherwise known as Pacemakers. Lastly the participants were quizzed upon their understanding of VSM. Everybody scored ‘A’ in the assessment. After announcing the grades, certificates were distributed to the participants.

Following were the important features of the Workshop:

  1. The participants could define the sources of waste in their value streams.
  2. All of the participants committed to implement Value Stream Mapping at their organization.
  3. Though a few of them were new to the concepts of Lean – Kaizen, they asked relevant questions and resolved their respective query.
  4. The participants of the Workshop will now be presenting a Case Study based on the exercises given on the tool, most probably on 26th April.>
  5. At a very nominal cost we will visit these companies to help them in the implementation of the tool thus virtually closing the loop of learning.
  6. The participants went back confident of their capability and appreciated the concepts they learnt in the sessions through the Case Study.

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