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Workshop on Lean Layout for Effective Workplace Excellence

Piyush 2015-02-17

Workshop on 

Lean Layout for Effective Workplace Excellence

Lean Leadership Workshop – Report

Dt: May 24th, 2014

The fourth Lean Leadership Workshop on “Lean Layout for Effective Workplace Excellence” was held on May 24th. The Workshop was attended by participants from Oriental Rubber Industries Ltd,  RSB Transmission, Western India Forging Pvt. Ltd and Baker Gauges India Pvt Ltd.

Mr Ajaykumar Darbastewar, COO Vedzen Institute and Mr Anup Gandhi, Principal Practitioner took the Workshop in four sessions. The participants were distributed Handbooks consisting reading material and sheets to work out the exercises.

Here is a brief on Lean Layout

The following concerns of the participnts were addressed?

·         You are trying to implement OPF/ JIT and not getting success?

·         Is there excessive motion and transportation in your company?

·         Even after continuous focus 5S does not sustain in your company?

·         Is your conversion cost eating up margins?

·         Is Cellular manufacturing is not getting implemented in your company?

·         Is material handling becoming bottleneck in your company?

·         Does your management doubt the capability of working members?

In the recent tough era it is fundamental for manufacturers to produce good quality products efficiency at the lowest cost to remain ahead in the competition.

In former manufacturing efforts focused on direct labour and available resources were organized as a bunch of operations (Departments).

The problem with this approach was the individual operation in the whole manufacturing process remains de-linked with other operations thereby not responding to the immediate needs of next operations.

This also builds up the in process inventory and gives birth to numbers of different wasteful activities which adds up to the cost of product but does not  increase its value.

Lean Flow Layout believes in reducing manufacturing cost through improved plant layout and proven to be an effective way to improve profitability.
Lean Flow Layout is the heart of Lean Manufacturing, which Eliminate Waste, Improve Flow, Reduce Material Handling,  Plan for Growth & Expansion, Build-in Flexibility. It is also essential to focus on the principle that quality is built in the process.
Lean layout believes in the following equation,
 Improved Plant Layout     =    Increased Profitability

Presenter: Mr Ajaykumar Darbastewar is COO of Vedzen Institute with 17+ years experienced hard core manufacturing person, was instrumental in transforming 15+ Large scale and middle scale organisation by implementation of Lean Kaizen concepts. Operation Excellence, Lean Layout, My Machine, Supply chain management are the area of expertise. He worked as Factory Head at Milton Plastics where he was instrumental to achieve the first Kaizen Award from Japanese Kaizen  Guru Masaki Imai. Join us and enrich the knowledge on ‘Zero Breakdown through My Machine’.

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