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Piyush 2010-08-06

Go through the following passages and evaluate yourself, which of the following type reflects you as a Manager:

An Authoritarian manager is someone who takes complete control of the operation without taking advantage of the skills, experience and knowledge of those around him. An authoritarian manager is someone with poor listening and communication skills, which sets unreachable goals and is in inflexible.

An Autocrat manager defines the problem, considers possible solutions, chooses the most appropriate one and announces it to subordinates. Acting as ruler having unlimited power, the autocrat manager denies any participation of the organizational members in the strategic decision making, while demanding all tasks and objectives to be performed exactly as requested.

The Bureaucratic manager presents ideas and invites questions before decision are made. Using the minimum absolute power, he serves the firm and tries hard to meet organizational objectives through the use of legal authority and written rules and procedures.

The Democratic manager seeks consensus with subordinates. He believes in addressing employee responsibility and showing confidence in their subordinates. He assists in employee and human development.

The Participative manager sets organizational limits, but he relies profoundly on groups and individuals within the firm for definitive decisions. By making employees responsible, accountable, and delegating authority over their work, participative manager improves their performance and boosts organizational performance.

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