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Voice of Love

Sanat Sankrityayan 2010-10-25

I will offer criticism to the performance


encouragement to the performer.

Voice of Love

The complexity of man is that he needs an image, as well as a reflection.

A leader succeeds only when he helps his man to enjoy a healthy image about himself, but at the same time reflects his shortcomings to him. A man has to be made to feel good even if what he has done is not good enough. Since everything can be improved, even a good enough performance must be told that it could be bettered.

What a man feels about him, the image he holds of himself, is one of the biggest factors in a man’s performance. But at the same time. If shortfalls, inadequacies, compromises, mistake, and errors are not reflected to him, he will remain a mediocre, assuming his standards are good enough. Below par performances need feedbacks. Without constructive can never be raised.

That’s why, encourages the man, lifts his image, and raised his performing abilities. Offer feedbacks, give constructive criticism, and reflect to him the gap between what can be and what is.

We cannot remove the head for a headache. At the same time you cannot ignore the headache either. The head has to be preserved and the headache has to be dealt with.

Discuss the wrong, but don’t make the person feel wrong person. He is a good person with a bad habit. Help him to transcend his bad habits, but understand that the person isn’t bad.

Failure is an event and it is not a person. Teach him to deal with the failure, but don’t make him feel like a failure. Just because he has failed in a few doesn’t mean he won’t success in any.

Performances are off the person, but they do not define the person. Disassociate the performance from the performer while giving a feedback on the performance. Separate the person from his actions. Criticise the actions, but praise the person.

Let the painter know that you respect his abilities. But let him also know that this piece of a painting could be better. Let your child know that she is an initial potential, her performances must be a lot better.

Never miss a single opportunity to encourage a person. Never miss a chance to offer honest criticism on the performance. Fail in any one of the two, you will breed mediocrity.

I once had a boss who always told me, “Hey, are so good that no target is big enough for you.” Thus, he made me feel capable. However, when I achieved my targets, he always commented,”If a target is achieved, then the target was wrong.” Thus, he raised the bar for my performance. He not only helped me to rise in my own eyes – he taught me to look up to myself, but also helped me to always raise the bar of my performance he taught me that my best should be better that the rest.


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